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June 29, 2007


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No mention of how real estate of commodities fit in, but that's the mainstream media for you.

Bond information is not easy to find. If you get stuck with Series EE (3.6% current), you could earn more in a government bond money market fund!

The real issue is not WHERE to draw the funds, but HOW MUCH to draw. T Rowe Price has published some interesting research about undertstanding the retirement withdrawal problem of how much to draw.

I would like to withdraw all of my retirement funds from the company of employment. My situation is this: I am employed by a county/government agency, no 401K just retirement plan. I plan to leave this job in the pacific NW and move east. What do you suggest in terms of investing my retirement withdrawal check amount?
I may have a job ready and waiting or may not.....

On-The Fence

I'll post your question in a couple weeks -- stay tuned.

how can I withdraw my money acount if I already have withdrawn half of the amount of my kansas public employees retirement system and it is suppossed to be a done deal.

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