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June 22, 2007


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What if your fund manager leaves for another firm? That is what happened to me after after stellar returns for 10 years!

It is just amazing that in this industry 85% of fund managers fail to perform as well as the index. I have some of both, but there is such a huge case for choosing index funds.

Dave: Even if your fund manager hadn't left for another firm, his luck would have run out sooner or later anyway. Trying to find the right manager is like trying to find the right person to stake at a craps table. Stock picking is simply not a skill.

Question for those in the know - what are the comparative financial benefits (if any) between a managed education fund (with education tax benefits) and a conventional managed fund. My initial research has shown that there are swings and roundabouts for each, however, I have not found a comparative analysis anywhere to assist in making a completely informed decision?
Has anyone experience in this area?

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