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June 13, 2007


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What do you expect the outcome to all of this is? If Sears won't replace your machine, all this seems a little petty and vindictive. Maybe it's better to cut your losses and never shop at Sears again.

I understand the principle of it all, but it just seems like a waste of time if nothing's going to get resolved completely.

Petty and vindictive are my middle names when it comes to Sears. ;-)

Have you tried an Executive Email Carpet Bomb? The guys at swear by it's results. Sears Exutive Email Customer Service:

How do launch a carpet bomb:

Also, send your tale of woe to them. Their forum members sometimes have great suggestions for people in your position.

Ciji --

Good ideas. I'll check into them.

Tentative is right. This is a little petty and vindictive... and they deserve it.

If they do not have a system where they find out where all the service calls are going and "get it" then what they deserve is losing money.

Is there a "lemon" clause in the warranty agreement. I just recently bought a new water heater and paid for a warranty agreement and the lemon clause stated it would be replaced with a new one if more than x number of consecutive calls were made in a year.

Keep in mind, Sears isn't the manufacturer, just the distributor. Face it, that model is poorly designed. I would check the warranty and see if you can demand a different model.

First of all, I respect you, your website, and the public stand that you take in favor of giving/tithing, being financially smart for the right reasons, etc.

With that said, I understand your frustration with Sears, but this vindictiveness is not what I'd expect to see from a fellow Christian.
Who does vengeance belong to again? (As hard as that is to accept, sometimes)
I think that you will do yourself a favor if you give up your anger with regard to this, and instead show your readers the difference that having Christ in your life can make.
Maybe this situation was put into your life to teach you something?

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