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June 08, 2007


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Haha... nice title :-)

It's true though.

I know someone who was so scared (stubborn? short-sighted?) to learn new computer skills she passed up promotion after promotion, even tho' her job offered paid training for the skills. When she finally HAD to take a promotion, she hid her ignorance by passing off any computer-related work to co-workers. After 10 years of this, her job finally told her to take a basic class or be forced into early retirement. She took retirement. When I showed her how much money she lost over the years and how she lost BIG by retiring early, she nearly fainted: nearly $175K in earnings.

And I can't tell you how different my dad's business would be if he would have been at least open to the idea of incorporating computer technology into his company. I know he wouldn't still be working at 73.

My parents aren't necessarily extremely old, but their aversion to computers really puzzles me. Both of them worked at USRobotics during the tech boom and you would think that people working at a company so tied to computers and technology would love the things they produce... but my mom is a luddite and my dad has retired and hates being in front of a computer. They say it's too hard or too complicated to learn. They came from Vietnam and had much simpler lives growing up. Maybe that's the cause for the aversion.

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