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June 04, 2007


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My only caution would be to really, really find out and research the doctors and facilities that you will be using, to ensure that you truly are getting first rate healthcare and nothing less.

Yeah, not all procedures are tooth veneers and laser resurfacing, which is what I believe your quote was discussing.

You really must do your research if you are traveling for surgery or anything serious. Plus you must factor in your recovery time into your trip...and what about complications? Can they be handled by your facility or will you have to be transported?

Some of that's already going on to a lesser extent -- I've read about elders who take bus trips to Canada to buy prescription medicines. And a few years ago, we were staying in a B&B in Arizona and got to talking with the woman who cleaned the rooms. She told us she didn't have health insurance, so when she needed care, she drove across the border to a Mexican doctor or dentist.

I am always amazed that the first thing people worry about is" but are the doctors as good as here?" In many cases they are better trained, more experienced and is not out to make millions. Yes, do your research, but remember the USA is not the highest bemchmark when it comes to medical services.

Sometimes our healthcare is already provided by overseas services. I'll bet a majority of those whose medical charts are written by hand are sent off to transcribers in other countries willing to work for lower wages.

A person I know living in a smallish town had x-rays taken one evening and they were sent to Australia for an expert to look at them there overnight. It makes sense. Why pay US doctors extra money to work odd shifts when we could pay doctors to do the work somewhere else in the world when it's their normal business hours? Technology is making this world more global by the day!

Like any other situation, there will be bad apples, but I can assure you that if you get to the TOP Indian Hospitals and Doctors in Mumbai (and take a steaming vacation), you WILL get the BEST CARE, the BEST TREATMENT, and COME OUT A WINNER.

I am doing some serious planning to do this on a regular basis, and learning a LOT about India, the Medical Tourism with Apollo Hospitals, and watching their success. So, when I need it, I will be ready, comfortable and jumping to get there.

My PMO currently WILL pay for surgery at an "out of network" doctor if I go today, but, if I am comfortable with Indian Doctors in the US, then I HAVE to be OK with the same practicing in India at the TOP 5 Hospitals (Chennai or Mumbai).

Just be ready for a surprise visit to a country with lots of people and the heat.


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