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June 08, 2007


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Those tips are great!

We went to Disney Orlando last year, arriving Wed before Thanksgiving and staying until the next Wednesday. The place was packed and the queues were unbelievably long. Same thing with Universal Studio. Yet, on Monday, the place cleared up completely. What used to be a standing queue, now became a foot race through the long but empty queue line.

We went the week prior to Easter (no flexibility) and found the without using a fastpass it was a long wait. So one person would go get all of our fast passes and the others would wait in line for the 'other' favorite ride.

I would say skip any 'character' dining as it was bad. At least the one at the garden in Epcot, and over priced.

Animal Kingdom was our least favorite park, poorly run etc. (and we expected it to be our favorite.) MGM was our favorite and we almost skipped it.

Make sure you see the stunt show at MGM, we didn't and wish we had after catching a glimps from behind on the backlot tour.

We packed snacks and water in a backpack and that came in very handy.

Our kids favorite activity (age 9 * 11) was collecting the disney pins from staff, and now they have neck lanyards with a ton of pins to help them remember their trip!

Are your kids not school age?

I've heard (but don't know for sure) that Disney is busier on weekends in the off-season, but busier on weekdays in the peak season, since in the peak season, people travelling for a week have their changeover days on Saturday or Sunday. In the off-season, people who live relatively near Disney (inc. weekenders) make up a larger proportion of visitors.

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