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June 25, 2007


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There are so many spending traps to fall into. Just remember the whole point of the day. There's nothing wrong with spending a little money if it's something you'd really like, assuming you can afford it. But the whole industry is driven to make more money, so they suggest buying everyone in your wedding party a gift, groom's cakes, and an endless number of ridiculous things. You can be frugal, but I think it's much smarter to just be sensible (e.g., 10 bridesmaids?!?). Frugal helps, too ;-)

If you have HyVee groceries near you, they provide a fine cake bakery for a very affordable cost. We ordered sheet cakes, plus a smaller three-tier main cake. Total served (this coming Saturday!!) will be 275 guests. Total price for the cake: $414.00. Many brides are now using wholesale flower companies and spending several hours the day before the wedding (with their bridesmaids or other helpers) assembling simple bouquets. We used We ordered a total of 240 stems (mix of calla lilies and tulips) for $420.

We are expecting 300 guests for a catered hors d'oevres reception, with dancing (no band, though) and no alcohol (the bride and groom don't drink). We'll come in at way less than half the national 2005 average. Way less. And the wedding and reception are in a beautiful venue, an historic building in downtown Kansas City. I know everything's cheaper in the mid-west, but nice affairs can still be had for reasonable $$ if you're willing to focus on the things that matter and let some of the little "won't be remembered" things go by the wayside.

There is something very wrong with a society that has an average wedding cost of over $26,000. Remember: if you've got the bride, groom, officiant and witnesses, it's Mission Accomplished. You got married. The rest is, honestly, optional. Nobody, repeat NOBODY, needs all this stuff. It's ok to want it, to spend on it if it doesn't strain your budget and makes you happy. Just don't try to foist it off as a necessary expense.

Where does this woman get a mid-range figure of $17 per cake slice?! That certainly does NOT apply everywhere; major metros/cities maybe (Sylvia? Duff?) but I know plenty of very talented cake decorators/designers who charge less than even her $8 per slice low end figure. I think it's misleading to indicate that it's 50-70% cheaper to add styro layers and have kitchen cakes in the back. The styro layers still have the decorator's talent used on them, even though they are two layers that don't have to be baked and filled. But large pcs of styro costs a decent amount too. And unless you want your sheet cakes to look like someone's lunchtime snack cake, time and skill are applied to those too to make them similar to what the guests THINK they're getting. I think using styro layers are fine for when you want a larger looking cake, but don't have that many people to feed. Jmo...

I agree with Kristen. I am a professional wedding cake designer. Most of my wedding cakes range in the $4 per serving range. Certainly not anywhere NEAR $17 a serving.

As for dummy cakes....I see this all the time and wonder who came up with it is cheaper? It is the SAME on the outside - and that is really where the money is at. I can buy the ingredients for a 14" round cake for about the same as the styrofoam costs so there is NO savings. I still have to ice and decorate the cake dummies and the supplies and time involved for that are THE SAME. As for buying cheap cakes at the grocery stores...sure you can do that and it will also taste just like grocery store cake! One of the most expensive venues that I deliver to here said that the last three cakes that were delivered to their site were from Grocery stores chains. He said they had to hustle the bride over to the cake to cut/take pictures BEFORE it fell over. He asked me to do his children's upcoming wedding cakes and there is a reason. It looks good, doesn't fall apart, and tastes good. Great cake costs money to make - butter and buttermilk make a cake taste WAY better than oil and water. As with get what you pay for!

My biggest saving tip is forgo the liquor - that is where the money just flows.

I agree with Kristen and Denise. Where I live there are some talented cake-decorators (own their own delicatessen) who sell their cakes at $5-6 per slice and I know of a lady who caters from her home who sells her wedding cakes at $3 per slice. I live in Lakeland, Florida.

I had to chime in as well about the cake. $17 for a serving of cake?! I've never heard of that, even in a high cost of living area. We got our custom cake for $4 a serving which had cheesecake and some unique flavorings that would not be available from a store.

You get what you pay for, but you don't have to spend $17 a slice. That's crazy.

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