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June 01, 2007


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Let's all take note that they spent a ton of money " -- brace yourself -- we've spent $43,555 over four years. That breaks down to an average of about $10,900" on living in TWO houses, their "starter home" being 2,600 sq ft. and their current home being SIX THOUSAND.

ZOMG!!! Owning a mansion is expensive? WHO KNEW!

Sounds like a tale of how much they could spend rather than how much it costs. Eventually it is cheaper than rent, which must, after all, still cover all these costs directly or indirectly (or at least the minimally reasonable ones).

I've been thinking about moving from an apartment to a house and this thought has crossed my mind a lot. Assuming you live in an apartment and all the appliances are furnished. Your initial investment would be a thousand or so, just to start out. What we would need to move into a home:
Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator, Lawn Mower and other lawn equipment. Right now we want a new bed frame.
Sounds like she bought everything new from the store and on a much larger scale than I would want in a house. (I'm thinking about a 1500 sqft, not 2600 and I would go to yard sales)
So for now I'll stay in my apartment until my fiance and I have a few thousand in the bank, and know what we want in a house.

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