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June 14, 2007


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The money being divided amongst the NFL players is a good thing. It keeps the teams balanced with talent and the game interesting every year.

Athletes do earn a lot of money--now, while I argue they might "need" to make more than the average person, because their careers are much shorter, they are paid an outrageous amount of money to play.

But speaking of salaries, I'm a baseball fan. In 2005, if you wanted to pay both MVPs (one in each league), you'd be paying $37,000,000--for just that year. That makes 2006 a relative bargain, as it cost $740,000 to pay for both of them.

When will the Olympics feature Pro Blogging?!!?!?!?

I wish I would've continued in my sports endeavors. I think I could at least pull in 200k/year. I'd be happy with that :-)

I wonder how much they

... either paid in taxes

...or put way in some tax-shelter?

David Beckham just signed a 5-year deal for a quarter of a billion dollars ($250 million) with the LA Galaxy in the MLS. That's $50 million a year!

Athletes make an incredible amount of money these days. What surprises me more than anything, is how they spend it, poorly invest it, and have no idea how it is spent. There was a good article in Sports Illustrated this week with Ed Butowsky, ( where a writer attended one of his Athlete Investment Boot Camps. The article is on his site.

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