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June 18, 2007


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This is going to be an unpopular comment...

Why even own pets? Biggest waste of money ever! There are betters sources of companionship.

That insurance came in handy when my cousin's dog got sick from the recent pet food tainting. You are right FMF, most people aren't disciplined enough to save, so pet insurance is a good way to go for those folks. The same argument could be made for health insurance: why spend the money now when you could save it and pay cash for health care. Do you think Oprah or Warren Buffett has an HMO?

Luckily there are all sorts of people in the world. Some who love pets and others who don't. We'll enjoy our pets Commenter #1 while you enjoy your other forms of companionship.

As for Consumer Reports, their article on pet insurance was not up to their normal standard. I spent some time writing a rebuttal.

Yes, pets are the second biggest waste of money. First waste is kids. But we don't stop having kids and so as a society we probably won't stop having pets. But anyway dog insurance doesn't cover a lot of things, we have a stupid dog health plan. Sigh, whatever. It still costs a pretty penny. DH won't let me give it up and it cost us I think about $700/year not including meds, etc. I think once I did a calculation on what my dogs cost me. They basically cost me my cleaning lady, but I still love them.

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