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June 08, 2007


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I'm sure I owe more use taxes. Every year, I always put a guess on the use taxes I owe. I think of everything I remember buying and then put down an estimate. However, I make certain that I am not overstating it. I ususally end up forgetting about a couple hundred $ in purchases.

We actually keep track and pay use taxes. I thought I was the only one who did so.

And what if I pay 8% sales tax in a state when my state is only 5? Do I get a refund...?

I think you guys are the only three who pay use tax.

Well, we have to ... my husband is a lawyer and in this state it is a greivable offense to disregard the law. And the law states that you have to pay use tax.

That is an excellent incentive to pony up!

Or you could save money by just purchasing locally. Shipping costs are often more than sales tax.

It was a surprise several years ago to learn that apparently, you have the right (technically, legally) to OWN something, but to USE it is (technically, legally) a privilege. Seriously, you can look it up.

How about us in those states that don't have to file taxes because of no income tax, but with a sales tax?

From my understanding of Arizona's taxes, this article does not apply to us. Our "sales tax" is actually imposed on the businesses, who have the right to pass it on to the consumers. We ourselves are not paying the state directly. Therefore, if we buy out of state, there is no use tax.

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