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July 19, 2007


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Wow seems like vinegar is the cure for about 90% of this

Great tips for anyone, homeowners and tenants alike. Thanks FMF!

My favorite way to freshen up my garbage disposal is to run through a cut-up lemon (after I've used the zest and juice in a recipe, of course).

Ya, vinegar is the primary ingredient. And it's sooo cheap. Costco carries a huge bottle for $2.50, which replaced so many of my cleaner bottles. I was a bit hesitant after using it at first because I noticed the vinegar smell lingering. But it dissipated pretty quickly leaving no smell behind (unlike strong smelling store brands).

I agree with all of these! And as for microfiber cloths - do those one better: You can get a big stack of them for about $10 in the auto section of Target. Ours are orange and extra large -- and I have so many, it's no problem to grab one for any task (replacing wasteful, easy-to-shred paper towels).

Thanks for your comment on Multi-Tasking Mom's blog! I think you have hit the jackpot with great cleaning ideas!! Love it! I will be back to take notes later!!

Thanks for sharing your finds with us!

I use vinegar a lot, and I really like it. But if you need a more abrasive scouring powder, Bon Ami is really nice. It's cheap, perfume free and it does a good job. I just use it with a little dish soap, or with Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds soap. The Dr. Bronner's is a little expensive, but a little goes a long way, and it can be used for everything.

What would you reccomend for carpets? We've been using just about any (toxic) cleaning spray on it for any kinds of spills, pet stains, and baby spit up (although that we normally just wipe up)

Would vinegar still be good for that or some mixture of sorts?

Linked to this on my weekly roundup - I love making cleaning stuff! (Post is under my name.)

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