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July 10, 2007


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If this guy had a single original thought and didn’t plagiarize verbatim from Dave Ramsey maybe I wouldn't have just puked in my mouth.


That was unnecessary. Perhaps what NCN so brilliantly shows us is yes, it really is that simple. No need to make this harder tan it is to appeal to those who think everybody needs to bring something "original" to the table.

I'd rather read NCN in all his brevity than almost any other blog out there. He keeps it real.


Just a thought on budgeting. In my experience, the best budgets are the simplest ones.

For me, the main leak in my finances was walking-around money. My wife and I would just go around, buying whatever we figured we "needed" on Visa check cards. We would try to be careful and thrifty, but we were still spending too much money each week. We weren't forced to make enough hard decisions and tradeoffs with our purchases. We didn't have a very keen understanding of the value of a dollar.

The solution was to switch to cash for all ordinary and semi-discretionary weekly expenses such as groceries, diapers, lunches out, dinners out (if any), lattes, magazines, etc. We each get a set amount of cash each week for those things. When it's gone, we have to wait till next week.

For expenses that we don't have as much control over (especially automotive, but also utilities, rent, etc.) we just pay them as needed, as before.

It's made our finances much more stable and predictable, and finally gotten us spending less than we earn.

Loved the article. I went thru FPU- (Ramsey) and this article helped me to refocus. Its so easy to drift and costly too! I found the neatest thing yesterday. I belong to a healthy food and household product Coop. I have to drive 20 mins freeway to pick up the wholesale organic goods I use- its a monthly pick up.. Well Amazon emailed me and offered this incredible program with 15% off caselots of 7th generation products and free shipping and auto ship with free S&H. I did the math and the savings are significant over my Coop.. So the laundry soap, dishwashing soap and electric dish soap and some organic coffee will arrive monthly or every other month. It will keep me out of stores and I wont run out of these brand specific items I use. I will put that info in budget and track it on the calendar. Oh how sweet! Organization- a PLAN- is half the battle! Love that Amazon! By the way I love your site,too. Praise the Lord! Daz-Debt free except for the 56k mortgage

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