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July 25, 2007


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Why do you wish you'd had your kids earlier? If you plan wisely, you can be in a much stronger financial position when you have kids if you wait a few years. I personally think it's worth waiting so you can buy a house, pay off debt and get your retirement savings going. By the time you have kids, you'll be making more money so their costs will eat up less of your overall expenses.

CFO --

From a financial standpoint, it can be better to have them when you're older. But I'd like to be a younger empty-nester than I'm going to be when we hit that point.

From health standpoint it makes a whole lot of sense to have them when you are earlier (I mentioned this on other blogs). To people who think about postponing, I suggest looking at 1) charts on how woman's fertility drops with age 2) charts on how the risk of miscarriage goes up with age 3) charts on how the risk of having a baby with Down syndrome grows exponentially with age 4) charts on mother's risk of having breast cancer after menopause vs age of first birth. IMHO -any of these reasons is more compelling then money.

The fertility clinics are full of women who waited until they are financially ready. So, if you wait you might be in a strong financial position and unable to have conceive.

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