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July 26, 2007


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I love reading what financial advisors have to say.
I've been in training with T Harv Eker and Loral Langemeier for the last 15 months. I just did an early retirement. I'm not talking about receiving retirement money. I'm talking about building a cash machine/system setting up vehicles to work in place of me. Yes, against Loral's teaching I did partner with a man, new hubby. But, hubby joined my with my business. Actually, I setup a few basic systems and he's been runnng with my business.
I would really like to focus on not looking at the debt but rather setup a new income.
Learn ways to invest any and all money you have. Equity in your home is far less expensive to use than borrowing from a bank ie a credit card. You should be able to find investments that pay more than taking a chance on stocks.

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