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July 27, 2007


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Re: "Cut the cord" - remember that having children late and retiring early are options for everyone, but it's nearly impossible to do both. Personally, I wasn't even a teenager yet when both my parents turned 50. My mother turned 60 my freshman year of college. I didn't get much "need-based" financial aid because my father was in his peak earning years, just prior to retiring.

I tried to do my part by becoming self-sufficient as soon as my four years were up (I wasn't quite done with my degree, but I paid for the last few classes out-of-pocket)... but there's not much they could have done to "kick me out" sooner.


Regarding #2, I don't think they necessary suggest to buy stocks, but their suggestion is to stay with equity, possibly through index fund. I think the main thing on this is don't put all into bond or cash, but keep some % in equity.

RE: Cut the cord. My parents bought me luggage for my 18th birthday. To some degree it was a joke, I knew that I was always welcome in their home. But the point was definitely made that it was time for me to start making my own way.

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