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July 17, 2007


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Too bad there is no such thing as "career" or "education" insurance. My greatest loss was uninsurable.

Or dignity insurance.

MW -- Actually, there's disability and life insurance that protects your income if something happens to you.

The federal government offers career insurance. It's called many names: welfare, food stamps, unemployment benefits, etc. Most state governements offer career insurance as well.

Not sure about education insurance, you're the first person I've ever heard of who lost his education.

Your so-called government career insurance (e.g. welfare) is virtually nonexistent for childless adults. I am not aware of any government assistance available to a childless adult working full time at minimum wage.

I did not lose my education but my education lost what little value it once might have had. I don't think my education has any nontrivial value today.

What would you say is a good ratio, deductible to total cost where using car insurance makes sense (i.e. deductible is less than xx% of total repair cost). I used my car insurance one time in my life and the premiums rose significantly. If I knew the amount they would have risen I would have paid out of pocket for sure.

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