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July 25, 2007


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I always sign up for those "Water quality tests" that give you a $50+ home depot (or other store) gift card for having them "test" your water for you. Of course, they always find that your water is bad and that the only way to solve the problem is to buy thier water filtration equipment which happens to be the best water filtration equipment on the market according to them.

I always start off by showing them our cities water quality testing report and a news article that shows that our water is rated as the 4th best water in the country. This gets them stuttering, but..but..but.., er... that's only at the water main in the street, after it goes through your houses pipes it is much worse. I have fun with it though. And then they test for some various chemical in our water and after they tell me how much is in my water, I tell them that studies show that the chemical is more beneficial in the water than to filter it out.

What chemical is more beneficial in the water than filtered out? Sorry but I can't think of one, except for possibly flouride which I am not a fan of ingesting. I do not have a water filter, but I do use a water distiller so I may be biased due to my purchase.

Never used saladmaster but do have some pricey le creuset pans that I find value in and believe were worth the price.

We had a very similar experience with Royal Prestige. I think you'd see a lot of similarities to Saladmaster! Except they, unfortunately, didn't cook dinner for us. I don't well with high pressure sales like that, so my husband is very good at saying no as well.

We were given a set of saladmaster for our wedding in 1980. My in-laws gave it to us - they had one set for each of their kids. I know even then they were expensive . My Mother-in-law also has a set. My Father in law did a stint selling it on the side.(He was a successful chemical salesman.) I think it was not too profitable but he remained convinced of the value of the product.

MIL's set looks like new after probably 30+ years. Mine not perfect but pretty darn good considering how hard I have been on them. (My average for a good teflon pan is two years)

Overall They were a great gift. I know 27 years ago just out of college and broke we would have never bought them. But then I never go for a high pressure sales pitch-they just turn me off.

At first I was taken a bit aback at being expected to use the heavy things. (My Mother's revere ware was what I was raised with. ) Now my saladmasrer pans seem best and Mom's Revere ware probably would not have survived me.

We purchased Saladmaster in 1975 at the Texas State Fair and used it for 4 years. I hated the little thing on top that rattled with the steam coming out - it nearly drove me crazy. Our neighbor invited us to a Prestige party. While there I was convinced that it was the same thing without the noise on top. So we walked back across the street, boxed up all of our Saladmaster and traded it in for the Prestige. I have used these pots and pans, electric skillet, etc. etc. all these years and not once been unhappy with them. If I had to keep two things in my home and give up everything else, I would keep my cookware and my full line of Cutco knives. I don't care about high pressure sales pitches, because I easily say "no" to folks like that and then find another way to purchase the same product.

My wife had a roommate in college that sold Cutco knives. After I saw her cut that rope, I had to have 'em. And man, after ~$1500, and then reading some professional chef's ideas on what you need for knives, I felt quite stupid. To this day, I think there are knives we wouldn't have used if the appropriate knife had been clean. And now that they are dull, I need them sharpened but I hate to pay to have them sharpened... oh well.

Elizabeth's comment made me realize that I grew up with Saladmaster! After looking at some pictures on the web, I confirmed that the set that my parents got for their wedding 33 years ago are still the ones in their kitchen today. Now I want some! I wished for a good set of cookware that would last through over 30 years of marriage. We ended up buying Emeril Cookware, which is made by All-Clad and also has a lifetime guarantee, but we shall see. It's only been 18 months.

I had a gal selling educational books come by. She happened to have a series in her collection that I had as a kid growing up that I wanted for my own children. She went through her whole routine and when it was all said and done we said no because we were willing to pay money for the set of books I wanted but we didn't want the extra stuff that brought the price up to some insane thousand dollar price. My favorite line was, "Aren't your children worth it?" They're priceless, please don't put a price on their value to me - it cheapens them.

My mother purchased a set of Lustre Craft pans when she got out of High School 43 years ago. Their pans are identical to the SaladMaster product.

She had the same pitch in 1964, cute guy comes and cooks you dinner. They threw in a set of china to boot.

I grew up with this cookware – the china too. She's still using it. About three years ago, one of the handles broke. She took it to the local Lustre Craft shop to get it repaired. The guy apologized because LusterCraft did not have a replacement part so they would have to replace the pan with a whole new pan. (She thinks the guy who helped her is the guy who sold her the pans initially.)

I am certain my mother's grandchildren are going to fight over the pans at some point.

I've never heard of Saladmaster, but I had a similar experience with a vacuum cleaner company many years ago. I don't remember which company it was, but the salesman flat out said that if we didn't buy that vacuum, we were putting our children's health at risk.

Unfortunately for the salesman, my husband is in sales, and my father is in sales, and we pretty much know all the tricks and techniques. I especially love the "let me call my boss and see if I can work a deal just for you" technique.

We didn't buy the vacuum.

I grew up with similar cookware (Saladmaster is stainless steel with an aluminum core, hers was stainless steel with a cast iron core, they weighed a TON). I don't know if it was Saladmaster, but my mom has had it for 42 years and the stainless steel parts look almost new and cooking in them is a dream. The plastic handles have mostly broken, but I love the set. I can't imagine spending $3,500 for cookware, but if the set is anything like my moms, they are awesome.

My wife and I have some friends that invited us to a Saladmaster party. It was pretty like you said. Although they bought some (they couldn't say no) we didn't make a purchase.

The Kirby vacuum salespeople are just like the Saladmaster ones (our friends also purchased a Kirby, go figure...). I just let them in to my house so they can vacuum a couple of rooms for me (hey, who doesn't want free housecleaning?).

Door-to-door salespeople are the popup advertising of the real world.

I would have done the Ebay search for him and then asked him what price he could give you.

Lazy --

That's a GREAT idea!!!!!!

I think I would have done the same thing you did - get a free meal, then politely decline the offer.

I think it's interesting he was also a financial planner. My experience w/ financial planners has not always been great. They have always come across as salesmen to me, perhaps because I am young and they thought I wouldn't know what they were talking about.

Now you realize if you show him what they are on ebay he will buy them all up and then offer them to the next person at half full price. That would be much more profitable.

My Mom and Grandma bought Saladmaster sets, I would guess about 35 years ago (I know it was before 1973). They are still the pans my Mom uses every day. We have Grandma's now. They definitely hold up well.

Gabe - you don't have to pay to have Cutco knives sharpened. You just pay to ship them back to Cutco and thay sharpen them for free. My parents also have Cutco knives they got 45+ years ago. Whne they sent them back for sharpening, Cutco replaced one that had been damaged.

I have some Analon pots and pans that I bought in 1982 that also look great and still cook like a dream. The set was about $250 -- pretty pricey at the time but well below Saladmaster prices.

So you can get good quality cookware that lasts without remortgaging your house.

If you want to buy (or "invest in") Saladmaster, by all means do it, but it is hardly the end all and be all of cooking utensils!

Hey, I have a saladmaster knife set. Anyone know if I can get them sharpened for free?

These salespeople are clearly counting on a guilt/obligation factor that, since you've taken up his time and invited him into your home you owe him something. Free dinner/cleaning or not, I'm not letting anybody in.

Your experience reminded me exactly of my own with a Rainsoft rep, who spent 2 hours in my home trying to get my wife and I to purchase a $4000-$5000 water softener the same night. Except, we didn't get a free meal! Our time was just totally wasted.

We responded the exact same way that you did--saying that we don't make such large purchases with so little planning. And we NEVER would think of financing something like this at 10-20% interest, regardless of how many $100's it is "supposed" to save us each month. I'm glad the convincing sales pitch didn't change our answer, because a little of research on the net turned up some fairly poor product reviews and a whole slew of better values out there (try Home Depot, etc.).

Good post!

My parents have been looking at Saladmaster - I'm worried that it's a little overpriced. All-Clad and Cuisinart have excellent reviews on Amazon.

Also, this eOpinions page has some good comments.

-Jason Swadley

Geeze! $3500?! And I thought that All-Clad was expensive! I've found good deals on All-Clad (25% to 75% off) at a local department store that was clearing out one of their lines. I didn't have any frugality qualms about buying at those prices, so I got several of the basics (2 each of normal sized fry pans and stockpots). I will wait a few more years (until I have a house with a big kitchen!) before I round out my set with the more esoteric pieces.

I am a Saladmaster sales rep. I don't believe in high pressure sales. If you have the means, I think that the quality of the stainless steal is not to be beaten. The warranty, however, is not transferable. Even though you shouldn't need to turn them in for repair, when you do, however, it won't be available. I suggest for those purchasing the set to put them in their children’s names.

I was introduced to the product at by brother-in-laws. NO PRESURE TO BUY THEN. I hosted 2 parties, NO PRESURE THEN EITHER. Like the ones doing the presentation I understand the cost and the investment. I have a phone, and I know if they really like what was said, they will call. I don't mind missing a sale. There will be more. I just enjoy giving the shows and educating people the product.

There's a big GOTCHA in the Saladmaster warranty they don't tell you about. If you read the written warranty it says very clearly that IF (ha!) your item has handles, knobs, cords, etc. they are only warranted for ONE YEAR! In other words, the only things that are liable to break on a Lifetime Guarantee Stainless Pan, the plastic parts, are only guaranteed for one year. And they cost $15 each to replace! Saladmaster has a couple of good features, the steel is a slightly better quality (but many others use 304 stainless, which is also surgical quality) and I like the detachable handles (which do look breakable but are convenient), but nothing that justifies the outrageous, ridiculous, fall down laughing price. I mean really, $600+ for a pan?!?!?!? Do a google search on waterless cookware - a company called Maxam makes some nice stuff for about $250 for a 17 piece (counting lids,etc) set. It has most of the features of SM, in fact looks a lot like the old SM style, in 304 stainless for a really reasonable price - about $200-$250 depending on where you buy it. It's sold under several brand names but you can tell by the item number KT17 (KT17Ultra if you have an induction stove). Enjoy!

The epinions link has some helpful discussion, but it references "Classica" by Regalware as being very similar to Saladmaster. Why don't I see any Classica on ebay?

I purchased a set of Saadmaster cookware after attending a dinner party one of my friends had. I am very familiar with different types of stainless steel, and found the 316L that Saladmaster uses to be of the highest quality available. Saladmaster is not "like" Royal Prestige or Classica - they use a lower grade stainless steel. The stainless steel sold in stores leaches chromium and nickel into your food. I am very happy with my cookware (I bought the big set for $5000 3 years ago) and have never regretted it. I also received several nice gifts free by hosting parties. They have always been polite and no pressure. I also love their free cooking schools! Where else do you purchase something and you can keep getting benefits of their cooking schools for years if you would like to. I suggest you have a party and see for yourself the difference. By the way, 8 of my friends also bought sets. I don't think we are all crazy!! We are very successful people who love the BEST!!

Marie --

If you have the money and want to spend that, good for you. But I have a post coming up highlighting a Money magazine piece that says you can get the same thing for about $350.

I’m sure the people that post good comments about Salad Master must only work for them trying to convince people this is a good idea. People have been cooking on several different types of materials for decades and seem to stay healthy. It doesn’t make sense to pay that kind of money on something when you can control your health by watching what and how much you eat with discipline.

My in-laws bought Saladmaster in 1946. back then they were aluminum. they cooked on them for over 50 years, never broke a handle, i still have several of the original pieces. We bought a set 35 years ago, right after we got married. They were stainless steel. Last year we got invited to a party and we ended up buying a new set with the surgical stainless, removeable handles, plus The Electric skillet. I believe that qualifies me to expound on Saladmaster.
The uninformed comments i have read on this site are typical of folks who either don't understand what they are witnessing, or as i have found, are cheap and want to find any reason to not believe the facts.

My son ate off of Saladmaster his whole life until he got married. He was bothered greatly by acid reflux since he moved out of the house. We invited him to a party and they got a set. The acid reflux stopped within a matter of days.

The way to make it pay is to host parties after you buy your set. We get really good items and all i have to do is invite 2 couples that i care about so they can improve their health. i don't care if they buy or not, like i said, you either understand it or you don't.
It is a different way of cooking, vegetables actually have real flavor!. The cooking classes are free and they are really important, you get interested in cooking. I feel sorry for folks who don't have Saladmaster, Hey, what is your health worth?, apparently not much judging by most of the comments on this site.

Tim --

I don't think people are against good cookware that helps make you healthier and cook your food better, they just don't want to pay $4,000 for something you can buy for $350.

FMF; I'm with you, IF whatever they say you can get for $350, was exactly the quality of Saladmaster and had free cooking lessons for life, it would be stupid to pay the price for real Saladmaster. I know that we cooked on the finest cookware in the world for 35 years with absolutely no problems, while providing the family with fresh cooked vegetables that retained 93% of their vitamin value.

I think i paid about $900 for the set 35 years ago,believe me, that was alot of money that early in our marriage, but if you broadcast that over 35 years, it was worth every penny of the $25.71 a year, plus they gave me over $400 trade-in on the new set.
When they found out that we had an original 1946 Saladmaster machine ( before the patent had been issued) they gave us a very expensive deep cooker in exchange. That 60 year old machine worked perfectly. I have found that some things, like genuine Vise Grip pliers and Crescent brand wrenches, to name a few, just cannot be duplicated. They work every time and they cost 4 times more than the knock-offs for a reason.
When you buy Saladmaster, you are no doubt paying a premium to compensate the salesperson, but without a knowledgeable person to demonstrate all the many uses of the product, you would never understand the product from a brochure.
I have known folks who have purchased expensive cooking classes and seminars, but what is the use if you are going to cook on fancy junk. I go to about 10 cooking classes a year now at Saladmaster for free, and we learn a bunch at every class.(this is starting to sound like spam,isn't it.) i better shut up.

We used to sell Saladmaster cookware. Very good quality. If you like the best, you'll want Saladmaster. My wife and I DESPISE high pressure sales!! Our attitude was cook the demo dinner, show them the benefits and if they don't purchase, that's okay with us. Guess what? We were number one in the world at our sales level in January 2005 with NO high pressure sales techniques. You have to listen to your prospects. Are they saying "absolutely not" or are they saying "I really don't know if we can afford it". Anyway. Great cookware. We own the $3500 set. Wouldn't trade if it for anyting. Oh, BTW, Saladmaster had the policy when we were selling that they would NOT honor the warranty if it was bought on Ebay. You may want to contact Saladmaster for their current policy.

Steel ... if you do your research, and judging by most of the comments on here, people don't, you do get what you pay for in many areas.
Saladmaster is in a league of it's own because of that, yet you will find lots who would rather get by with what they have. Same as saving energy. Global warming or not, lots of us don't want to make a change if it is a pain, or if it's might cost us more. Planet or not!

You cannot fault Saladmaster no matter how hard you try. If you don't know how to use it, you call the cook who showed it to you and they come back and help you ( I was floored by this - the AC guy charged me $97 just to show up to service my unit ). If you just 'don't get it' - the concept and the reason for 316L, then All Clad will keep you happy - mind you THAT is very overpriced as it does nothing different than a $40 dollar pan from any store ( talk about expensive cookware there! ).

All said and done, we can be sold anything unless we are informed. If you are afraid that you cannot say 'no' for yourselves, then don't even go to a Home Show! Find good companies with great products and then ask questions as to why the decided to make them better than lower priced products. It still remains a fact that you do get what you pay for and quality good are less costly to buy than cheap goods.

LOVE MY MAGIC POTS!! Even Tea is amazing in them.

Maybe they don't sell enough of it. It is not the same as SM...except in looks.

Tsk, tsk .. imply that I am foolish all that you want as I acutally bought a set and absolutely love it.
The consultant did everything BUT put pressure on any of us and encouraged us to host a dinner of our own so that we could get more of their items - which I was extremely impressed with - the Hosting Gifts rock! Look, good quality is exensive and that is that. I never would have bought a thing had I listened to everyone else but then again I am into efficient well made items that last longer than a set of michelins.

The cookware does more than I ever could have expected cookware to do and the money we do save still astounds me. I mean we have watched for this part ( it made sense but I still had a hard time really believing it - you know how it is ).
We cannot believe how fast the cookware works and how fabulous the food tastes! I haven't used my oven since gettng the set and we cook most things on low and close to the off setting. We didnt' invest in a set because it would save money mind you neither one of us can believe the efficiency of the product. It all adds up to something.

A business associate of mine is a welder/business owner and he said that the one layer of 300 series steel on the Gourmet Fry pan ( a fave of mine ) would cost about $50 as an unfinished pc of steel, let alone that there are 6 other layers of metal in that piece of cookware. I think 316L is more expensive than the lower grades too.

I totally disagree with you about this product and the method of their selling. We had a terrific time at the dinner that we went to. We then held our own and our friends thanked us for inviting them. 2 of 4 couples invested as well and love 'the pots'.
Perhaps the rep who did your dinner wasn't like ours, but my goodness, the product is amazing and worth the investment. As well you must admit, the information just makes sense. There is no two ways about it there.

We go to the cooking classes and talk about service and taking care of the cutomer! I simply wish my appliance order came with such qualities, warranties and services for what we spent there.

Sorry you think Saladmaster is too good to be true. You couldn't pry it out of our house if you tried!

If you understand how the program works, the benefit outweighs the cost. My parents had theirs in the 80's and they're still in very good shape. If you grew up eating foods cooked in SM, you will know the difference from those cooked in cheaper pots/pans. When I got married, I said to myself that I will not buy any other set unless it is Saladmaster, but because money is hard to earn, I had to buy one piece at a time of lesser quality stainless steel pots/pans. I finally bought my self a set, it is expensive but after all the gifts that I received hosting parties, each piece really doesn't cost that much. And if you're going to join them you can use the cost of the whole set as business expense. My plan is to collect 2 complete sets for my 2 daughters. My kids doesn't like to eat out, they don't like drive through meals which saves us a lot of money plus I know that I am serving them healthy safe food. A lot of pots/pans out there are coated with a toxic material known as PFOA [perfluorooctanoic acid]. When you cook and you notice that the coats are scraping, it only means one thing, you're eating the toxic chemicals from the pots/pans.

Ok, looks like the Saladmaster distributors have shown up! Think it has anything to do with the fact that this post ranks #2 on Google when you type in "Saladmaster"? ;-)

Hey, if you all want to spend $5k (or more!) on pots and pans, it's really fine with me. But I think if you look around a bit and check out the alternatives, you'll be able to find something just as good for a fraction of the cost.

I am not a distributor, I host parties to get free gifts. I did not spend 5K on my set, I started with the least expensive set but the value of what I have right now is way more than 5K. Actually, if I'm going to divide the cost with the number of pieces I have it's like the cost of buying cheap pots and pans, only I have 7 layers of high quality steel (316L surgical stainless steel) that distributes heat equally. I grew up with SM and experienced cooking in lesser quality stainless steel and that's why I prefer SM over others. I can bake without turning the oven on, I fry without any oil, have soup without any water but the natural juices from the vegetables, cleaning up is so easy. I am not selling you anything I am just saying that there is a good side when you know where to invest your money properly. I am investing in good health. These pots and pans will last for years and years and your 5K right now will only buy one piece 30 years from now.

Ok, so it's not like you're a disinterested party -- that was my point.

Mind telling us the retail value of the pieces you have (the total value and the number of pieces?)

Want to check out what an expert in health has to say about Saladmaster?

Many think 316L is an overkill. So is having more than one tv .. really.
You collect the information. This company doesn't hide anything. They TELL you it is the most expensive in the world. Solar panels are expensive too ... at first.
You decide if the product makes sense to you ( everyone is different).
You decide if you want that product. This is impressive stuff - from health nuts to pro chefs.
You look at the company who makes it - how long and why.
You look at the customer service and the warranty.
You make a decision.
You'll have this product forever and your kids will want to take it with them!
Your friends who don't KNOW about it may think you are nuts... but they are not in charge of your home and health - you are. Plus, they secretly will be envious, even it they would never make the investment themselves.

Want to REALY see why 316L is such a perfect choice for cooking everyday ( talk about use and abuse of steel with heat and food minerals and acidity/alkalinity ....)
Food eats containers - and you eat the food. It's kitchen chemistry = nutrition.
If they use 316L in the Heinz plant .... hmmmmm.
Decide what is important to you ... but don't knock fabulous products because you would never pay the money. If you enjoy food and saving money as you cook, if you don't have time to spend cooking real food, if you have any stomach/digestion issues at all ... you may as well take an evening and experience a meal in this cooking system. You will be impressed, even if you never get it.

I've had mine since '96. I fought for 5 months with my husband. You see he refused to sit in on the dinner that my sister did for us as I already had pots and this was just a new healthy thing that my sister was into. I was furious as he buys things all of the time that he just has to have and may use but once a month. I am in charge of feeding our 4 kids and him too! Why shouldn't I have the proper tools too?? Needless to say we got a set ( from my parents ) and I have been showing Saladmaster part-time for 10 years. Kids stay over and thier mothers phone me for my pancake recipe as pancakes taste more like shortbread when cooked on 316L. It's the same recipe as theirs. Hmmmmm.

My kids all want a set when they leave home ... they know!

My set in 1995 was 1695.00 and it was enough for me to raise 4 kids on. Then we added to it as my kids grew.

For Christmas one year, my husband asked for a big roaster for his prime rib and chili as we only had a 4 quart roaster at first. Yes, the guy who wouldn't even watch the dinner or LET me buy anything! Now he takes lasagna to work on those pot luck days , in the electric skillet as his co-workers always volunteer him for it. It's a stunner and only takes 40 minutes! Plus you can leave left-overs in the skillet in the fridge for days due to the safety of the 316L steel. Other steel is not recommended for food storage due to it's lesser resistance to corrosion than 316L. Very convenient as it means less dishes and very quick and delicious to reheat.

Now they are up to 1995 for a small set. Then like all companies, there are promotions and stuff. Plus you can trade in your old stuff if you want to, or not.

Listen, I wasn't an easy sell for my sister. We didnt' buy right away either ( remember my husband ... ) but here are some things to ask yourself to even decide if you should investigate things a little further than simply reading sites like this one:

Q - if someone handed you a glass of tap water and a glass of filtered water, which would you choose?
Q - if you were offered a glass of orange juice from and can, or glass of Tropicana OJ, which would you choose?
Q- if you could get dinner on the table in 30 minutes, from the freezer to the table, and it normally would take you 1.5 hours or to buy pre-fab stuff that needs an oven ... which would you choose?
Q- if you could eat healthier and save energy for the rest of your cooking life, and have incredibley tasting gourmet meals every time ... would you be into that?
Q- Moms, are you worth it to have the same quality of equipment as your husband?
Besides, cooking is not a hobby - it is a job!

I hate cooking ... maybe that's why I love my Saladmaster pots.

Deb --

I removed your links -- I don't allow what I consider to be promotional links.

Are you a Saladmaster rep?

Debbie --

Either you must have gotten the very low-end grouping or inflation has pulled up the price of the pans significantly as the set I was offered was several times that price (though $1,695 isn't exactly cheap.)

BTW -- for those of you reading along -- "Deb" and "Debbie" with comments above are the same person. Hence I'm starting to get suspicious that the Saladmaster police are upon me. This could be fun!

Maybe I'll write another post...20 expensive items you could buy instead of buying one set of Saladmaster pans. ;-)

FMF - do you realize that most customers of high ticket items have already done their research?

I think in the case of very high quality/expensive cooking equipment, let alone snap-on tools ( most folks will drop a couple bills on a fridge or stove and not cookware ) you will always have an audience.

If you are simply here to sway people away from something that you yourself may never buy, you'll continue to have fun as people defend themselves when their decisions are 'challenged'.

A fun game these sites are. It's amazing how much free time we all seem to have.

I am a Saladmaster Dealer in Ontario. "Ahah!" you say!

Yes, believe it or not, we want to be found. We are soo foolish at Saladmaster that we even put on cooking classes for our customers - we want them all in the same room again and again. Sounds like we are trying to hide our faces doens't it? Yes, we are salespeople trying to get people to buy what they don't want or need. Yes, that is what people like you think.
95% of our dinners come from other dinners too. Hmmm!

Product cost: Saladmaster is the most expensive cookware ever to manufacture, yet is the least mark-up to purchase = the best value for the consumer.
Commercial cookware goes through8-10 steps in manufacturing.
Other waterless cookware goes through 30-40 steps.
Saladmaster takes over 112 steps in the manufactureing process. 316L is very, very hard - like bending cherry wood to make a speaker with ( acoustics ... B & W 805's, Focal Profile ). The other 6 layers are commonly used in waterless cookware. 316L wasn't added just because the engineers were bored and the company wanted to make the product more expensive. And if it DIDN'T make a difference, they wouldn't stayed with 304.

I began as a customer in may of 95. My mom told me to "go look for a good set" as it was going to be my housewarming gift. Mom had a set of waterless cookware since before she met my dad. It cost her 6 months wages but mom used it for 35 years until she got Saladmaster with me.
I am a researcher by nature, was a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist for years, and was not much of a cook. I got Saladmaster because the food is stunnning and it's so, so fast and easy to use.

Science gives you the answers to Saladmaster. Let's face it, you can cook in a tin can!
When it's all said and done, the proof is in the pudding.

There is one easy, easy reason NOT to invest in Saladmaster ... it is expensive. Phone a Steel company and ask that. 304 is what a plumber uses. 316L is what a surgeon uses.

The fact remains however that it doesn't cost anything. All you have to do is look at the energy efficiency - it's a powersmart rated and tested product. 70% in fact and that is just $$$$
Saladmaster is kind of like having a luxury SUV that gets 200 miles per gallon, produces zero emissions, never breaks down even when the kids get it, is luxury all the way, and never needs an oil change ... or a mechanic. Nice.

Maybe you should have a Saladmaster Dinner Presentation. Have a scientist there, have a nutritionist there, have an engineer there and maybe an electrician, have a chef there. have a dairy farmer there, and a physician there ( my physician friends have the worst eating habits ). Have someone there who can't boil an egg and sit back and watch.
Have children there and watch them gobble up the vegetables!

Yes, the reactions to people eating food preparaed in Saladmaster is the best.
Why, because when it all comes down to it ... it's the results that count.

Saladmaster is perfect, so you don't have to be.


It's good to read FACTS from educated consumers like me.

Sandy --

How about an unbiased opinion? Money magazine seems to think there are a lot better pots and pans out there:

BTW -- I eliminated you last post -- the Saladmaster commercial. If you want to leave comments, that's fine. But don't turn this into a cut and paste bunch of propaganda or I'll simply take it down.

$1695 in 1995?

Either you must have gotten the very low-end grouping or inflation has pulled up the price of the pans significantly as the set I was offered was several times that price (though $1,695 isn't exactly cheap.)

Where were you offerred a set to purchase? Can you be specific? Was it a large set?
A city golf is not as much as a Toureg either. We always do a dinner ... unless it was a private sale or an auction site. That's not what we do.

FMF if this is a financial site then you must have a way to look at the prices of materials over the last decade or so. The price of steel has skyrocketed. You should be able to simply google this.

There are 4 layers of steel in Saladmaster. 304 is more expensive than 400 series. 316L is quite a bit more expensive than 304, but it is the manufacturing of it that was costly.

Your comments surprise me. What did your house cost in 1995 compared to today? Or anything for that matter.
I had the priviledge to replace a set of Saladmater for a cusomter ( not mine ) that was from '73 and cost over $700. The company replaced the set - the new one, a very large set, worth $3595. Her set was only 3 layers of steel back then. 7 layers of metal now.

All-clad today is 3ply and costs almost the same as SM today - and all you can do is boil, steam and fry in them.

Was it you that was at a dinner? And all that you took away from it was the price?
Hmmm, now I am skeptical that you were awake during the evening.
This is simply not making sense.

Words do not sell Saladmaster. It has never been sold this way. That's why a demonstration is done. The company commits us to doing live presentations so that the consumer can make an informed decieions.

The experience of seeing, tasting, smelling, listening and experiencing the food, sells Saladmaster
You have to want it, like most pricey items.

FMF - I don't understand the purpose of this site then.

Is it only to disuss items without having all of the information?

You challenged our methods, even our ethics, why can we not discuss this?

Our products are based on science and facts. That's it.

End of story.

You make fun of the price, without collecting more facts ( and I don't mean via google either ). Interesting.
It's easy to sit back and tell others " there is no need to climb the top, it's just as nice down here."

I thought you wanted facts - that's why I've wasted my time writing them, simply for you to cut out what you didn't want to share with those whose attention you have gotten - on our behalf.

"You have to want it, like most pricey items."

Ahh...that's it exactly. Except maybe the word should be "overpriced" instead of "pricey".

Hey Sandy,
No one wants to buy your crap. Get over it.

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