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July 25, 2007


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Remarkable you can feed a family of 5 for @$300. What does a typical month look like? 8 lbs of chick ($.99 lb), 8 gallons of milk ($2.99)...etc. Like to see how it's done.

Is there a place where we can see a sample meal plan and a sample grocery list for a week, along with some typical prices?

You two realize that this is from a comment on a post, right? The part in red was not written by me.

Yes, I realize that. However, it's always helpful to see how people accomplish these goals, rather than just hearing that they do. Perhaps the person who left the comment will read this.

For example, does she drive to up to six grocery stores a week -- in addition to the farmer's market -- to shop? That drive time would add to the additional 30 minutes a week it takes to plan a menu.

How do track all these prices? With an Excel spreadsheet? If you're comparing prices in six stores, that can get a bit complicated. If you entered a base price for a product and then took your local paper and entered all the specials for all the stores each week, you could could gauge whether it would be worthwhile to drive to a store or just skip it for that week.

Also, lots of products don't show up in the paper, so you won't know until to get to the store whether they are stocking the least expensive brand. Do you then drive to the next store?

I don't want to sound too skeptical because I believe the person who left the comment is a careful and frugal shopper, but I have quite a few questions on how it is accomplished.

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