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July 20, 2007


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Salt and vinegar chips are my downfall too!

Something else that I find works. I always eat a big, healthy meal before we go shopping. Food looks less appealing if you are already full. Conversely, if I'm hungry, I find myself buying things I never would normally. Last time it was Steak-ums. Can I say "ewww"?

Mmmmmmm! I love salt and vinegar chips!

Great tip! I think I'll walk down the paper goods aisle, since I never buy paper goods at the grocery store.

And I agree with Wil that eating before shopping is always a good thing. And if you can avoid taking the kids, that will save big bucks, too.

We've found that we save the most money when I stay out of the grocery store. I've got a bad habit of shopping while hungry and everything looks so good.

Salt and vinegar chips are a big favorite in our house, as Moose Tracks is also a favorite of the kids.

I stick to my grocery list. The easiest way I know to not spend money at the grocery store. If it's not on the list, it doesn't go into the buggy!

I've trained myself to only shop around the rim of the grocery store: Produce, Bakery, Deli, Butcher, and Dairy. My parents were up-and-down-every-aisle shoppers, and always wound up buying food that no reasonable person would even want to eat. (Miracle Whip? Really?)

@Wil: I'm pretty sure Steak-Ums are made entirely out of congealed grease.

This post doesn't make any sense.

I walk down the aisles that carry stuff I need to buy, and avoid the others. How else would you shop?

Am I weird in not being "tempted" to buy food I don't want or need? Is that why I'm missing the point of this post?

IMHO you can achieve some SERIOUS savings on food, and get much better nutrition, if you take a rational approach. Avoid the junk food, focus on nutrient dense, fresh foods. Fruits and vegetables, grains and nuts, etc.

Of course you must be willing to make some significant changes in you buying and eating habits, but in the end, isn't nutrition what it's all about? And isn't this blog about saving money?

You won't find any vegetables costing near as much per pound as ice cream or chips. When you factor in the money wasted on empty calories, it's a slam dunk.

Further, nobody needs meat. And it costs too much.

Are you willing to make some serious changes? Save money, get better nutrition...what could be better?

Awesome idea! I'll have to try this myself.

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