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July 03, 2007


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Good info, and very true. I have to side with the MSU study since I got my undergraduate degree in landscape architecture from there ;)

I'd just like to add to number 2 a bit. If you have a large patch of grass, especially in the front yard it can pay dividends to have a nice looking lawn. You don't need to have an expensive irrigation system and put 10 hours a week into maintaining it, but some simple care tips such as mowing it to the right height and at proper intervals, applying occasional fertilizers and killing off the weeds can produce a great looking lawn over the course of just a few seasons.

I saw a report somewhere, it may have even been at about how a nice looking lawn alone can increase the selling price of a home by about 5%.

Jeremy --

Do you make house calls?

My yard could use a doctor! ;-)

Are you sure you want to increase the value of your home? I don't see how that could be a productive investment for you. :)

I went to MSU and all I got was a worthless liberal arts degree.

I think that a well kept garden, does help with the selling price of ones home. The garden is the first thing that the potential buyer see's when entering the property, its like the first impression, and that has to be good.

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