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July 03, 2007


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To be honest, I just remember them.

My memories are most strongly evoked by music and occasionally I will by a cd because some of the tracks remind me of some happy event, but I find it has a better effect when I use serendipity.

For the past 7 years, the easiest way for me to keep track of great memories is looking back through my own blog archives. The past two entries are about my only daughter's wedding (last Saturday!). Many are about my mother's hilarious experiences in assisted living these past five years, and will someday be assembled into a self-published book for my siblings and their families.

A truly personal blog is a fun and nearly automatic way to keep track of life's great moments! And, of course, a way to entertain readers in the process.

It really seems like major events, challenges, breakthroughs, and vacations take up the majority of my memories from many years ago. It seems to me that creating memories that you can hang onto for the rest of your life is a good idea. I really believe that you can take any event (even mundane ones) and make it something special. We only live once, we might as well make it a life worth living.

Gee... I think this would be the time to mention custom designed scrapbook albums.

For many of my fondest memories I don't have photos, unfortunately (who brings a camera everywhere?). So when I am creating pages for my scrapbook about favorite things, I try to find memorabilia that reminds me of that event. For instance ... I went to a Harry Connick, Jr. concert last spring. Love that man! But I didn't have any photos of the concert. But I did have my ticket stubs, a CD jacket from the album I bought at the concert and my written memories. Put it together and now I can always look back and remember the amazing front row experience.


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