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August 22, 2007


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The "work at home" revolution is certainly attracting a bunch of scam artists trying to make a quick buck. #7 on that list is awesome. I didn't even know a site like that existed. Thanks for the tip, guest poster Lesley.

I'd like to add one other warning sign to this list.

11. If a company gives you a "Cashier's Check" (or Official, Certified, etc.) and asks you to cash/deposit it and return some it to them for any reason, its a scam. The funds will become available in your bank account well before the check is returned as being counterfeit by the bank. The target will then be out any of the money that they sent the scammers. And yes, the bank will try to collect from you.

I know this is common sense to most, but you'd be shocked how often regular people fall for this. Working in a bank I see this at least every couple of weeks. Most people think I'm lying to them of course.


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