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August 28, 2007


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Dear FMF,

How much money do you make a month on this blog? I've clicked a few of your ads and should have helped your revenue. You don't have to tell all just give a ballpark number.

Many thanks,


BC --

First of all, I give all my blog revenue (not profit, revenue, I pay the blog's costs myself) to charity. See this link for details:

Secondly, I don't reveal actual revenue numbers, but I'm in the low to mid five figures in annual revenue.

Wow, I didn't realize there's that much potential in blogging. Well darn it, people have said I can write reasonably well (if not well enough to get a JOB writing), so this is definitely worth a shot.


Thanks for the reference to the other post. Good job and keep it up!

-Big Cheese

I'd be interested to see how that number really breaks down - are a few really successful bloggers bringing that number artificially high? The next thing I'd love to see is a traffic/income breakdown; I'm sure it changes per topic but it would be interesting to see such info.

Good luck getting to 10K extra income.

(sorry for the late comment)

Making an extra $10k from blogging sounds like a great idea. Curious what hourly wage you think you earn from blogging? In other words, if you consider all of the hours you spend on writing, maintenance, research, etc., how much would you say you bring in per hour?

Joey --

That's a good question. I did a rough calculation and at this point it's somewhere in the $30-$40 per hour range.


I found your blog the other day and was very impressed. I have recently decided to start a blog as preliminary research for a financial advice website, can you give me some tips for promoting my blog?

Best regards,

JC Rockafella

JC --

See this link for details:

I was just looking at your comment about how you were making in the "low to mid five figures in annual revenue" over a year ago and wonder how much your revenue is increasing as your readership is increasing?

I also find it very comendable that you give it all to charity...not many (including myself) would be so generous.

Julie --

I'm now in the solid mid five-figures and working toward the high five-figures. :-)

Thank you for sharing that info. I am planning on starting a blog, for hopefully some side income, and though I know it will be a lot of work, you and others are inspiring. Happy New Year.

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