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August 03, 2007


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I haven't really gone to any classes since I left.

However, I have bought many books to learn by myself. Before I got my current job, I knew what programming language I need to know. I bought a book for $50 and spent a month learning as much as I could.

It was well worth the investment, as I am now making 3 times as much as I used to.

It's funny how I was just thinking about this couple days ago... I am a big fan of continue education but sometimes I wonder if it is worth it?

I am a stager who stages and styles homes to make them show ready to sell. I have my own company and obviously since I work for myself, I can set my own pay scale. I am a big fan of continue education, and I have been taking a lot of classes for continue ed. I didn't raised my hourly rate till recently (after 1.5 years in the industry) since I feel that now that I have a lot more projects under my belt and also I have invested a significant amount of money to do so, I deserve a little raise. ;)

But this got me thinking. What happens when I reach the top of the pay scale in my industry? Also the clients in my field usually want what is the cheapest bid price as possible, they don't really care for the other factors and the reasons why I justify what I charge.

Anyway, so far I feel that continue education has helped me to be more confident through being equipped with more industry knowledge and learn from others' experiences. Moreover, it is great to network at these classes with people who are like minded and are passionate about the industry enough to do continue education. I have also been contemplating of going back to school for a MBA to push my business up a level. But they will be several years more down the line.



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