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August 26, 2007


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Thanks a lot for including me in the carnival!


Thanks for hosting this week's Carnival FMF! And thanks for including my post. :)

Thanks so much for hosting!

Thanks for hosting the Carnival!

A lot of good posts which will keep me busy for a while. Thanks for hosting! :)

Thank you for the host and the post!


Thanks for hosting and including my post. Great list!

Thank you for hosting my article, "Americans’ Net Worth in the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF)."

Thanks for posting. Isn't it supposed to go out Monday though? Eh, gave me something to do while watching my Steelers beat the Eagles!

Thanks so much for hosting and including my entry! I am already seeing some traffic referred over to my sometimes somnolent website. Great job! I look forward to participating in future investing Carnivals!

I'm honored to be one of your top picks. Thanks for hosting.

Thank you for hosting and including my post! I'll link back here in my carnival roundup.

Thanks for hosting and listing my post!

Thanks for hosting the festival and including our post in it. Keep up the excellent blogging.
FIRE Finance

Thanks for hosting, and for including summaries with each post - it makes it so much easier as a reader!

Uh-oh, you posted it early, Flexo's going to be pissed :) Just joking, thanks for hosting!

Thanks for this Carnival and listing my post! There are so many good articles this week!

Hey, thanks for posting. Great articles this week!

Awesome job...Thank You for hosting!!

Thanks for hosting - The quick descriptions are helpful, although I know how time-consuming grabbing them can be.

I'm also honored to be a editor's pick this week!

Thanks for including my post! I've linked back here in The Million Dollar Blog Carnival Roundup (August 31, 2007 Edition) at:

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