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August 08, 2007


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Yeah I feel the pain of late payment last 2 months. I have to pay extra due to my forgettery. Now I'm using my reminder in Microsoft Outlook to remind me what bill I should pay 2-3 days in advance. Every time I receive a bill, I just open my outlook and create a reminder for this bill according to the date. I tried this method 2 months now and so far it is working fine with me.

How about this. Why not pay the bill when it comes, not just before it's due. This will simplify your life and you will never pay a late fee. For those that will say "but I'll be losing interest on my money", I say, Is a few bucks interest earned each month worth the inconvenience of worrying about paying your bills just in time? Most of my bills are set up on an auto pay system anyway. I just look at them when they come and make sure the money is there to cover the draft. Most of them are paid by my credit card where I earn cash back rewards for letting the credit card company pay the bill. When the credit card bill comes, I look it over, and when I see everything is correct, I pay the bill online. Yes, even a couple weeks before it is due. It is done, forgotten about, and helps keep my life simple. Works for me.

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