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August 06, 2007


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Curb appeal! Isn't there a TV show like that? Just a few years ago when I sold a house, I was fixing up the exterior and freshening up the plants. The real estate agent told me not to bother, because the house would sell in a day or two.

Now, agents are telling folks to spend whatever it takes to make the house look better than the other zillion houses up for sale. With inventories so high, every little thing that gives your house the advantage over the one two doors down is a big deal.

"That's no surprise considering homeowner demand for more storage space has made three-car garages an architectural standard"


Garage doors should be at the back of a house anyway. I drove through a new development my sister moved into and the garage being in the front really bothered me. Of course the fact that no one seems to park their car in the garage also didn't help. It looked like a poorly laid out auto dealership.
Here's a funny story about the new house that my brother had built... he can't park his truck, a F-150, in his garage because it's too long.

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