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August 24, 2007


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Great blog! I've really enjoy reading your posts and everyone's comments. It's been very motivating as I work towards my financial goals. Keep up the good work.

Is it my turn to win yet?

I think the odds should start leaning my way by now

Count me in!


i can't take losing anymore.

Looking to end the week on a good note!

Baby needs a new house!

I grew up watching a lot of 'This Old House', so building my own home has been on my radar for a long time.

Count me in!

After the last few days, I feel my odds are worse to win a copy of this book than they are with the Megamillions tonight!

how much is this book again? I'm starting to think that at this rate it might be more cost effective to buy it online or something instead of taking the time to come in here and post a comment :P Plus, I'd get to read the book in the meantime....

still, trying again :)

Book me, please.

I am in.

I would like to enter again to win an interesting book!

This time it has to be me!

Another entry!

as in the show welcome back carter,,,,,oh,oh,oh,

not yet but still trying :)

Another day, another entry... hope its me now

Is it my turn to win yet?

Please enter me in the drawing, again. Thanks.

Note, this is a free drawing with much better odds than state lotteries and yet I haven't won, yet. I know no one who reads FMF plays the number, but it is still a great object lesson that the lottery is a tax on the innumerate.

i hope i win

Another day, another entry!

Here's my free post. And Richard M. you have a good point. If I can't win this contest, what makes me think I could win the lottery with far worse odds?

Actually, just checked, Richard M., and you won yesterday! Hmm, maybe I'll win today. (This doesn't count as an entry since I already submitted an entry for today.)

enter me again

Here's hoping again


I check out your blog on my lunch break!

oops, forgot my name.,

Hook me up!

hey! thanks for the chance!

count me in. Fingers crossed :-)

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Eric G. who posted at 9:09 am Friday. Congrats!

Eric, please email me (see: ) and we'll arrange to get you your book.

To the rest of you, stay tuned. I still have plenty of copies (5) to give away!

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