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August 30, 2007


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I agree. I have been living ~15 minutes away from work the past three years. Prior to that, I commute for 45 minutes (barring no traffic). I love the one hour that I could have used for other activities rather than driving every day.

I'm not sure I agree 100%. I used to work 1 hour away from work and now I am only 10min. I miss the time to relax either listening to music or learning 4 languages from tapes. I also learned about different grass seed and what's best in certain applications.

I think the next time I look for a job, I will make sure that my commute is at least 25min one way.

For a year, we rented a house that was very convenient to one job and about 10 miles from the other (still pretty convenient in central Massachusetts)... we looked to buy in that general area, but couldn't afford it.

We ended up with a choice of three neighborhoods where we could afford to buy a house, all at least 25 miles from our jobs; one in the small city where we went to college and met (still have lots of friends there), and two suburbs in the same area. We picked one of the suburbs, for a variety of reasons, but one is that we are less than 2 minutes off of two major highways. Work is 30 & 35 miles away, respectively, but it's a straight shot on a toll road. We miss not being able to bike/walk to work, but we weren't going to get that with any of our choices. This way, we spend the least amount of time on the road while still affording a quiet neighborhood.

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