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August 22, 2007


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I'd actually recommend relocating to a more urban area as a possibility. You can get rid of your car, earn a higher salary and spend your commute working, reading or doing something otherwise productive. Housing may be higher, but in some big cities it is still affordable--Chicago is an example.

Although I wouldn't venture to say the urban areas of Chicago are necessarily affordable, I would definitely say they are more affordable than the other major cities like New York and LA.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are thinking about quitting your job - you have to realize your new "non rat race" job will still require work. Probably in a different form and in a different place, but still work nonetheless.

Wait a minute . . . doesn't getting out of the rat race mean not being "required" to go to work? If you have the commitment of a regular job, then you are still in the rat race. Correct?

For me, getting out of rat race means you simply have a choice to work or stop working. If you love your job, you still can continue with it even after getting out of rat race. Getting out of rat race, become financial freedom is just simply giving you more choices for your life

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