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August 31, 2007


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An expert it seems, is anyone who has guessed right at least once.

I can't stand the guy. He's an obnoxious loud mouth.

I recall Cramer saying that he made many of his gains during his hedge fund days by short selling and that short selling is his real specialty. They opted not to do short selling on his TV show for a number of reasons. I would be curious to know what his rate of return was for long positions during his hedge fund days.

I've always been a stock trader, picking individual stocks. I watched Jim Cramer's show and read his books. Lately, mainly since I've entered the financial blogging community, I'm really discovering that index funds are the way to go. Besides if you track Jim Cramer's picks over at the Motely Fool, he's not one of the better producers any...

I have a co-worker who has been trading single stocks. He just has a few stocks but a lot of money tied into each stock. He hits the ceiling when the stock market hits bottom.
JM is right. I recall Cramer saying that he made most of his money short-selling.
I stopped watching him because he had too many "buys" and not enough "sells". Plus he only recommended 2 "buy" stocks per show. 2 stocks for one hour...too much wasted time for me. I wanted to know where and how he got his data that he was throwing out there.
He's very entertaining but not enough of actual data that I could use to figure out the stock market a little better.
I have about 5 index funds that I have in my 401k. I showed my co-worker the return on the year-to-date. He couldn't believe it. He calculated his and it was at 2% over the same time.
At the time, it was up to 15%. It's down a little from there but overall I'm happy with my index funds!

Pretend you know stocks, act like a madman, collect millions.

Is this a great country or what???

I find him very entertaining and a lay person like me can learn a lot about the stock market and what makes the financial world "go round".

But I never act on his recommendations.

What ever happened to his top pick Six Flags(SIX) for 2007? The company is almost bankrupt and their stock is down to almost $2.00.

i think cramer is an incredibly smart man. although I dont act on his stock picks, I do listen to what he says and research the ticker symbols he throws at his viewers. most of what he says has a lot of sense behind it and his thinking methods are indeed how one would make a lot of money in the stock market. since I have watched the show, many of the stocks he has suggested have skyrocketed 25%+ in a matter of weeks, only to subsequently plumment several weeks later. if readers listened to him, did their OWN research, bought when he said, and SOLD after they made their money, they would do quite well.

i believe that the fellow calculating cramers %return likely calculated this number over a year assuming that readers held long term. it is a show about TRADING STOCKS. buy and sell. short term. looking for cheap stocks and selling them before everyone else does.

He's a joke. I feel sorry for the folks that actually think he knows what he's talking about; the folks who bought into Six Flags (now $1.70), and the folks who listened to his recommendation to hold Bear Sterns last week at $60.

I found this 'FreeMoneyFinance' thread while researcing his background out of curiosity. He seems to have solid credentials. I guess he just disengages his brain when he goes on the air.

I lost 50 percent in my index fund. Now what do we do?

Adam --

What's your investing time horizon?

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