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August 25, 2007


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Starting ones business is venturing into the streams of the new unknowns and adventures. We must always remind ourselves when getting into the business of marketing that success is in the marketing journey and not in its destination. One of the most difficult and intricate things that could happen to a marketeer is when he enters into the universe of business as a neophyte. His mettle still untried he will encounter many challenges but it's worth the salt. As one economist would say: " If you want to have a success in marketing make this as your credo - that the only business of business is business." This means that aside from your home and family you must have the focus of your business at 100% concerns. Leveraging contacts is also very important but most especially you can advertise your new business in the Yellow Pages that will afford business contacts as well as possible customers for your marketing niche. Above all, even if you advertise take into account that the best advertisers are the satisfied customers. Satisfied customers are the best leveraging contacts and advertisers of your products the opposite would be a disaster for your business worse for insolvency. The best way to leverage your products now a days is through e-commerce where you post your products through the internet using you web site, so far this is the most updated way to leverage your contact. Mind you millions of marketeers became rich using this electronic mode for marketing success. Highly acceptable also aside from the tabloids and ads is simply to produce a contact cards and distribute it among friends for dissemination to the public at large. Remember success in marketing would only be doable if we can reach the grassroots as well as the elite group.

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