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August 07, 2007


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If I could drop cable except the ESPN channels and Foxsports, I'd do it. My girlfriend would probably not go for it though.

At this point ESPN is something I'm not willing to sacrifice.

Don't over look netflix. If you are patient, you can get a lot of the stuff you watched on cable via netflix that is not available over the air for free. Yeah, there is a fee, but its nowhere near the cable fee.

Also, iTunes can work out to be much cheaper than buffet style tv as well.

For a second there, I thought you were going to advocate downloading tv shows illegally for free, as alot of PF bloggers do when they talk about cutting the cable bill. Kudos for taking the high road.

Yep, my wife and I just cut our cable last week. We've decided to use a portion of the money that we previously spent on cable to support a couple of friends who are training to become campus missionaries.

I have a plasma tv , gor rid of cable got a high def anteana , save alot of money....

Free over-the-air HD is one of the most under-used technologies in the world today. Augment it with Netflix and some Itunes here and there (if you MUST have the latest releases of certain cable shows) and you're done.

I have been wanting to get rid of cable for years now. My wife will not let me, please help!!!

Thanks for pointing this out! Since my wife and I have never had cable in the 10 years we've been married I just figured that we've saved over $7000.00. Not too shabby.

I always like to capitalize the cost to compare monthly costs to upfront costs. Using a capitalization rate of 5%, $60/month is equivalent to $14,400. Is it worth that to me? Not by a long shot. I have a hard time finding anything I want to watch on it. Since I only care to watch 2 movies a month, rental works out better than a service.

Wow, people still watch TV? I cut mine a few years ago. Don't miss it one bit.

i would far rather cut the number of useless -to-this-household channels that cable & satellite insist on bundling together.

that way we can keep scifi, espn, nickelodeon & the 2-3 music only channels. those are what we watch.

netflix & the library have their place as well.

Tried this last year during football season...I spent more money trying to watch Auburn football than I did having cable. Besides the first 2 games of the season are on ESPN and ESPN 2, not something I could get with rabbit ears! After the football season, cut the cable!

I've discussed it before, and my husband and I have agreed that we _could_ cut cable, except for one thing: sports. Specifically baseball, which lasts almost 8 months out of the year. If we got rid of the cable, I'd spend a lot less time with my husband, because he'd be going other places (bars or friends' houses) to watch the games. It also allows us to invite friends over more often to watch the games in HD. So when I see the cable bill, I grit my teeth and consider it well-spent. (Of course, there are a few other things we watch, but most of those we time-shift and watch at our leisure; it wouldn't be a big stretch to buy them on DVD instead.)

That's all well and good for people who live somewhere that receives over the air signals.

We live in a town of over 60,000 and you can receive one channel over the air. The local University/PBS channel.

We cut our cable recently when we move from an Apartment to a Home (purchased) with a yard. The difference in our kids is pretty darn amazing. Far less 'I want' and far more 'Can we go to the park?'. I feel better since we get outside more and have to mow a law regularly so I get more exercise there too. I've come to be baffled by how much time we used to spend in front of the TV and wonder how the heck we ever got anything done.

Keep in mind we have a Wii, a Laptop, and a desktop PC. So there are still plenty of electronic gadgets vying for our attention. Just all of them keep your brain moving rather than just firing ads at your still face all day.

Heck, I live in the middle of Los Angeles and I couldn't get squat from rabbit ears. Makes me mad as heck because I don't watch much TV but every so often, I need something mindless to relax. $45 a month+ for cable is too expensive for the once and awhile mindless activity.

I'm with Steve----I stopped my sattelite service 3 years ago, now have time to read 5 books per week, am saving %600-$700 per year, and have lost 15 pounds. What's now to like!!!

I have Sky Angel--a nice mix of faith-based/family/news channels (ie, Hallmark, Hallmark Movie, HGTV, Fox News) for only $14.99 a month. It's a great deal and available throughout the country.

i've never had cable and have never regretted it. we have a "no television" rule for the benefit of the kids so it wouldn't set the best of examples by having cable. people are shocked to hear we don't have cable either thinking we have a mental disorder and/or we're cheap; i prefer frugal. and there apopletic when they see we have only one television that is 25 years old. i have neighbors spending as much as $160 per month for digital cable and all of the bells and whistles --- that's just too much money and too much time on the couch!!


I have the same problem. Have you tried visiting Hulu and Fancast online? I have found that I can watch some of my favorite shows here.

In response to the original post, I am not a cable subscriber because it costs too much money. And most of the cable channels are crap anyway. Why should I pay $60/mo. for over 100 channels when I'd only watch 10 of them? Maybe if cable would offer a cheap a la carte plan, I'd be more likely to subscribe.

There are ways to save on your cable bill without removing TV services completely. I worked for DISH Network for a while without being able to subscribe to their services but as soon as I moved to a South-facing apartment I switched and started to save a ton. DISH has packages that fit different tastes and budgets and I recommend them to all my friends.

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