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August 01, 2007


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The information presented here is pretty good, even if it is mostly real estate sales common sense painted with a very broad brush. However, it's not the content of the article you're quoting, but its source, that causes me to question its authenticity and reliability. Just a tiny bit of Google research shows that ARA Content is a subdivision of ARAnet Inc. which is basically a marketing agency that takes corporate marketing propaganda and repackages it as "news". The fact that the article heavily promotes using an "experienced real estate professional", and GMAC in particular, is a red flag to me that what is being presented is not necessarily in the readers best interest. Again, some of the information contained within the article itself is good, solid, common sense advice that can help a new seller better market their house. But all of that advice can be found in much greater depth in many other columns from far more reputable sources than the ARA Content website.

Sorry for the rant.

GeekMan --

I select from the hundreds of the ARA Content articles which I think are low on the promotion scale and high on the value to the reader scale. This one made the cut since I belive the information is good and there's only a bit of a GMAC mention.

We operate a home selling site and have seen a huge increase in the number of motivated sellers in the past few months. With how many homes are on the market right now so many are having a hard time selling their homes, and are going to great lengths to sell their homes. Hopefully the market will turn around next spring as predicted so sellers have an easier time in 2008!

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