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August 30, 2007


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Please enter me again.


JH --

Check past giveaways -- I think you won a day or so ago.

Pick me! Pick me!

Winner winner chicken dinner?

hello! thanks!

Enter contest.

Looking to be a winner today!

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Here am I, pick me

I'm glad that you're taking time into the equation! The oft-overlooked factor in big projects is that time is (at least) as valuable a resource as money. Very practical.

PS: Pick me! Pick Me!! Pretty please !!!!

Your time,money (borrowing power included), and people skills are what being your own General Contractor IS what it's all about.
Some people actually do not have the time, while others just don't want to prioritize their time differently than it is now.You can kiss your TV, and probably blogging time, GOODBYE when you take on "building Your Own House.
Is it worth it? You bet!
As one wise sage said, "time is all we have".
Carl Heldmann

I want the book.

May I have it?

I'm also glad that you have time in as a factor. My girlfriend loves HGTV and similar shows, but one thing we both can't stand about most of them when they say "You can do all of this for only X dollars" is that they never factor in all of the time. (not to mention the fact that the time spent on the shows is less than normal because of the expert help)

trying again

I'm still trying

As a corollary to the tip posted here, know how much you're spending on that store. If you should have a problem that requires management assistance, it's very helpful to state how many thousands you have put into their store and that you would appreciate a break in this particular case.

I haven't had to use it with the local HD, but that's probably because they a) all know me by face and b) give me great service already.

And yes, I'd like the book.

My turn yet?

in for the win

Entering the contest. Thanks!

maybe it's my turn !!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$

forgot to add my name on the one above

pick me

I am out looking for a house to buy. I will be a first time homebuyer and have taken homebuyer education classes. I still would like to find ways that I could fix up around the house after I purchase. I am working on setting up a budget, but am not exactly sure how to switch from just barely making the bills and having money for everything when I need it. I would like any help that could be offered, but can not afford to pay anyone.
Please enter me in the contest.

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Jen who posted at 7:53 pm yesterday. Congrats!

Jen, please email me (see: ) and we'll arrange to get you your book.

To the rest of you, stay tuned. I still have one copy to give away!

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