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August 13, 2007


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Obviously what people want to do with their money is their business, but I find this ludicrous. My dog gets food and monthly heart-worm medicine and flea repellent, that's it. I can't see spending oodles of money for pet braces, plastic surgery, or other ridiculousness. I do make my dog's food myself, but it's probably cheaper than premade food from Nutro (Purina, etc) and she's much healthier and livelier on's just raw chicken backs (2 per day) with some vegetable/fruit slop (chopped/blended veggies and fruit). She loves her meals and is a beautiful 50lbs of muscular puppy and it only takes me an hour or less a couple times a month.

Scott Kustes

I love animals, especially cats. But I just don't see the point in all of that. I probably wouldn't spend more than a few hundred dollars on life saving surgery for my pets. All an animal wants is not to be abused and to have a full food dish and water, and in the case of dogs - room to run. My dog is probably happier with a not-to-frequent snack of real meat and a pat on the head than those dogs sitting on a tiny hotel bed watching Animal Planet all day.

But to each their own! We all have hobbies that eat into our budget. There's nothing wrong with making your hobby a spoiled pet!

I have two cats, and our monthly expenses for them are primarily food, litter, and flea treatment. Maybe $5 on toys every other month. These other expenses are ridiculous - all your pet wants is to spend time with you.

I can partially understand the expensive vet procedures, though. My favorite cat was hit by a car as a child, and we paid hundreds of dollars for emergency vet bills and reconstructive surgery (her jaw was broken). There was no question in my parents' minds that it was the right thing to do, even though it was expensive. I think the same thing happens with serious diseases like cancer - if there's a good chance of the animal being "cured", most pet owners will go through with it, to avoid losing Sparky.

My live-in fiance and I own a 1 year-old Japanese Chin dog. He is probably the most obedient, trainable animal I have ever owned and we love him dearly. We keep him active daily, and are amazed at the joy he brings us. It is because of this that I keep pet insurance that will cover any unforeseen injury. (When one can spend anywhere from 300-3000 on potential accidents, the insurance just gives us the peace of mind). We never have him off-leash when he's outside our apartment building, unless we take him to the yard which we always make sure the fence is closed. We were considering getting another one, but in all honesty, I am fighting it as I feel Gizmo is enough...the initial vet bills I spent on him (required shots, physical, etc) tempers me on that though. The only frills I spend on him, really, are chew toys. The rest is just heart-worm medicine, flea shampoo, and food. If I had to spend money on him to make sure he was with us for 2-3 years longer (as opposed to months), I would in a heartbeat.

The really sad thing about all of this is that these same people piss and moan about their copays at the doctor and for medications for themselves and their children, but will drop close to 20 billion per year on the same costs for an animal.

Hmm..well pets bring love and affection and over destress a person. I honestly say I consider my two dogs when buying our couch this weekend. I said do I want my gorgeous italian leather sofa???? Yes. But I can't buy it because my two dogs will sleep on it all day and ruin it in a few months.

Second, I'm considering my future car. I think I will have children and our two maybe three dogs. So I need space for our doggies and kids. And the car has to be able to take a beating.

Third, when I vacation, I consider what will it cost to board my pet and is it feasible?

So yes I do care a lot about my dog. I do spend time considering my choices because of them. They are part of my family. And yes I would spend a lot on a medical procedure as long as they are not in pain and can enjoy their life. If not then I would be humane.

I made a commitment to my dog to treat it humanely when we got them. That does not mean putting them down because surgery cost $1k. That does not mean it is spoiling a dog.

We feed them expensive dog food, it used to prescription for allergies. But I did not get two puppies, no I got two abandoned dogs from a rescue group and SPCA. So to the posters above who won't spend money on their pets, I hope you didn't buy them and only adopted them for not more than $50-100 on their purchase from the SPCA.

I have spent a fortune on rehabilitating one of them. He was an aggressive dog, but now I think if he were sent back he could be adopted by a family. Our other dog we also adopted who was "older" and had no hair from anxiety problems. So instead of paying $500-1000 for a puppy we just paid that to help an older dog already in need of a family.

This just proves that American values are really in the trash when we rather treat dogs/hamsters like children than doing God's purpose in life and having real kids!!!

As long as I can remember we've had pets and now I've got one of my own and about the only expenses that I will splash out on are: food, vet bills, and the occasional package of treats (which last a long time). I understand a pet is a companion but seeing all these people dressing their dogs up in little jackets and dresses is beyond me. If they have that much spare money why don't they give me some - I've got a couple business ventures that could use some funding.

My cat is part of my family. I'll spend for her food, health, treats, scratching post; I paid $2500 for complex surgery to remove a polyp from her inner ear when she was a kitten, I paid around $900 twice for dental cleaning and extractions (lousy teeth...) in my cat's 5th and 7th year.

Having said that some of the things mentioned are ridiculous and borderline abusive. Putting a pet through the pain of a cosmetic surgery or braces just to please the owner's views of "good looks" is close to animal cruelty, IMHO. We need to keep in mind which expenses are for our pets benefit and which are for ours.

This just proves that American values are really in the trash when we rather treat dogs/hamsters like children than doing God's purpose in life and having real kids!!!
Some people cannot have children and making comments like this is downright cruel.

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