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August 10, 2007


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We were recently laid over in Atlanta and had to stay over-night. It was horrible because we didn't plan enough ahead - the airport was freezing and we were in shorts/t-shirts - so small pillows (our laptop bag had to do) and blankets would've been nice. We did think of extra clothes and books though. I'm surprised they didn't add clothes to the list above. We just took new shirts/underwear and just wore our jeans again.

We did think about toiletries - but they have to be 3 oz. or smaller (even my mascara was "flagged") and in a ziploc bag - so we had to put out deodorant/toothpaste back into our regular luggage.

Good luck! It's no fun being stranded.

I was just about to say, be careful of the amounts of liquids you try to take on a plane.

I too would suggest taking some clothes especially underwear if there is any possibility at all that you might be stranded.

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