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August 08, 2007


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I'll make a go for one.

I'll make a go for one.

Lookin' for a chance to win.

Maybe I'll win this time?

Here we go again!!


'Any Comment' =)

pretty pretty please??

Does this book talk about permits and inspections to make sure your house is safe? If so, I don't see any reason to not want to live in a house you partially built.

also, how does building it yourself affect any kind of home warranty that comes from a builder?

This sounds like a good book.


I want to win one!

About controlling costs---what aspect of the home building process is most apt to waste?

FYI -- the reason I'm not answering questions posted here is because we'll cover many of them as we work our way through the book. :-)

Count me in.


I bet if you frequently visited the major home improvement stores you could find tons of things on clearance which could save you even more money or money to splurge on things that you really want!

Oh how you tease and tantalize me, Be Your Own House Contractor!

I will take a chance!

I am in.

Count me in!

I hope to get a copy of it.

Try try again!

My first post here....may be I have beginners luck :)

I want to build a workshop, I think this book would be a great aid to a diy'er!


The more quotes I see, the more the 80:20 rule seems to apply - "thousands of projects.....some people save...."
I'd like to see what the average person saves, how much of their time they had to invest, and what was their experience level prior to starting.

Let's have another go.

Another day, another chance to win!

I've been amazed at how much we've saved on a basement remodel, just by hiring subcontractors ourselves. In our case the two remodeling general contractors we received quotes from turned out to be charging about 35% more than what we spent by hiring subcontractors ourselves. In our specific case, that saved us $12,000 or so. We saved an additional $5k by doing framing and electrical ourselves, rather than hire subs.

Count me in too!

I'd like to read the book--pick me.

Thanks for these posts, FMF. Your readers' questions and comments are inspiring. Even if they don't win this great giveaway, they can go to my website, for immediate answers and lots of FREE stuff.
Carl Heldmann


Please pick me

Are you really saving 25% or are you just not spending the 25%? Trying to convince my fiance of this, but for some reason it's just not working! Am I the winner?

Count me in, too.

Winning... a Book...

second time's a charm?

Today is my Birthday. THis would be a nice treat. 8-8-1950. Past the age of contracting---or is it. Maybe reading the book will put me and my wife in a new house. Thank you for the chance.

I'm feeling lucky....

count me in plz

Thanks - count me in

Yeah, I also heard that it is cheaper to build the house instead of buying it from the developer. However there are a few problems for me:

1. In my country, it seems like it is hard to get a mortgage to build a house
2. I'm not handy and I have no idea about building a house
3. I think this going to take me a lot of time to do the research as I'm a newbie in this field.

So I have no choice but have to buy from property developer.

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Topher who posted at 1:08 pm yesterday. Congrats!

Topher, please email me (see: ) and we'll arrange to get you your book.

To the rest of you, stay tuned. I still have plenty of copies to give away!

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