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September 27, 2007


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Well, I think the background for credibility is usually college admissions officer - not sure if you have that one ;)

Good heavens, I reckon I could do this from over here. Unless its one of those things that's much more difficult to do than it sounds.

There is one of these consultants in my neighborhood. I was surprised such a business exists and could be profitable. I guess the entry costs are practically nothing, though.

There is so very much wrong with the inner and outer workings of the college/university world... like--- the best universities often lack motivated and dedicated professors as the professors are often more interested in their own research and titles than teaching to begin with, the enourmous amount of money major schools raise rarely is used for undergraduates, and college these days has become more about scoring high on tests and less about actual learning.... this list goes on and on and on

College Consultants seems to be another bullet point in this incredibly long list... That said, if they possess awareness of these issues and are able to direct their students towards schools that work towards genuine education over label- then my congrats are in order
however, its hard for me to believe that those outrageous fees could be justified in any way-- as this post seems to be, if only inadvertently, aware of.
I am sure there is plethora of arguments for such consultants-- but its seems more of money hungry move than one to benefit those around you... not that is the objective here anyway
But then again-- there are people that spend hundreds on therapy for their dogs...

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