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September 07, 2007


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Interesting topic on resume design, it is a topic that is near and dear to my heart as I just used my "new resume" to get my new job (Whew hoo - a 20 K raise !)

I think the answer to this is easy. You have to know your customer. Some potential jobs require the look and feel of a standard resume (no more than 2 pages, plain paper, no more than 2 fonts etc). Other Companies may be more flexible due to the corporate style or product. However, If you don't know, err on the conservative side.

I do know that I worked hard to get my résumé down to 2 pages (I have 25 years experience). During the interview, the President of the company complimented me on my resume ("you did the right thing by keeping it to 2 pages") but said he wanted to see more info on the "key accomplishments in the older jobs". Long story short, my resume expanded to 4 pages (it included all of my publications) and I got the job.

I do know that if you do not have a good summary at the top, your chance of someone spending more than 20 seconds on you is slim to none.

Just my thoughts!


A graphic designer friend of mine made a template for my resume, which included an interesting font for my name, then also made a logo, which appears on my cover page, header and footer. It's very creative, but very clean. I think that's the most important thing; make sure it's clean. If it's a clean look, then they'll just be attracted to the look without being distracted from the content. I imagine somebody taking the "creative" completely the wrong way and instead using some cheap looking cartoon pictures, or using some of that gaudy type of stationary with a vine going around the page or something. Ew.

In the two jobs I've applied to since having this template, both employers made a comment in the first interview of really liking my resume, and I got both jobs.

I dig the past employers' logo idea. It wouldn't look quite right on my resume, but I could see it being awesome on others.

Oh, the logo was just my first and last initial... It was nothing outrageous, but it connected to the font used for my name.

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