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September 04, 2007


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Sam's Club operates in the same fashion. Busy Saturday morning and they have 4 lines open with huge lines in each. The last couple of times I went there I was so frustrated that I put down my items and walked out of the store. The last time I went on a Sunday morning and actually waited in the parking lot for the store to open. By the time I got what I wanted (1 or 2 items) all open lines were packed. I pretty much refuse to go back.

Wow. It must depend on the Walmart and Costco, because around here it's the exact opposite!

I have been in Wal-Mart only a couple times in the last few years. The only reason I go there now is to return gifts that I receive. Their "lower prices" are not worth going into a dirty store with rude people. I refuse to give my hard earned money to support that kind of business.

I put lower prices in quotes because I don't really think they are much lower than Target, who provides much better customer service and usually has at least half their checkout lanes open during busy periods.

I agree that the shopping experience at Walmart and Sam's Club can be horrible. I have accepted the higher prices at other places in exchange for cleaner stores and faster moving lines. I do still shop at the Walmart grocery stores. It is a dreadful experience though. Saving 5-10 dollars per grocery trip is barely worth it.

Kevin --

FYI -- I bought a watch at Wal-mart this past Saturday for $41. Saw the same exact watch at Target on Monday for $60.

I just want to remind everyone that it depends completely on the store. The store near my house is known as the cleanest store in the state. It is also efficiently run and operated. Most of the people are very nice. And the lines are always very short -- rarely more than 1 or 2 people in each line. I have *never* waited more than 5 minutes to begin checking out. The only time there is ever a problem with the lines is on Saturday afternoon, when every single one of the 40 checkout lines is open, and there are still 5 people in each line. But at that point, there's not much more you can do.

If you have a problem with your local Walmart, ask to speak to the manager. I'm sure he/she would love to hear from you.

I also do not shop at Walmart, lower prices or not. I'm sure some Walmarts are fine, but just about all of the ones I have encountered are disorganized, dirty, and full of rude employees and customers. The checkout lanes are often always packed and the cashiers are indifferent - it is hit or miss if one will even acknowledge you as you complete your transaction, whether you initiate with a hello or not.

Sams Club is the same, but I think more are clean than the Walmarts. Still with the lack of an express lane and only 1-2 lanes open for a dozen customers it takes longer to check out than it did to drive to the store and walk around gathering your items.

There just doesn't seem to be any heart in Walmart anymore. Does no one in the executive offices care about their company? They're letting it rot and care only about driving down prices. Prices can only go so low, and customers who have money to spend at Walmart are going to take their business elsewhere for a better experience.

We've seen Walmart stumble with meager attempts to improve itself, but its all failed (the high priced jewelry at Sams, the "designer" clothes failure, the sad attempt to become a presence for online shoppers)...I expect to see big changes in the company shortly, or I expect to see more empty behemoth buildings.

Hmmm...a few slices of pizza...a $41 watch...I'm not seeing a lot of frugality here.

Depends on the store..and location of clientels.

In general, yes, you are right, Costco has more lines open, and cashiers are a bit more "professional". I know there are alot of college students and even graduates working there. Workers get paid more and that is reflected in the service, imho.

I have to agree with you about Walmart and their long lines. I have had the problem several times. It does not matter whether it is 11 AM in the morning or 9 PM at night. The lines are always long and there are very few opened. I know I went in one time it was rather late at night and the cashier left the register for a few minutes everyone was wondering where he went too. Then we see him come from out of the bathroom. I did not want him to check me out. But, since I was next in line and I had been standing there for about 30 minutes, I decided to let him go ahead with my purchaswe. When he rang up my purchase I had purchased 2 pizzas but he rang up 4. Needless to say in order for me to get my money back I had to go and stand in the Customer Service line for about 15 minutes to get my money back. I really do not try to go to Walmate unless I have too.

I've worked for Walmart for over 12 years & most of what you all say is true. They staff there stores (cashiers)using a computer program that assigns all the shifts in each store. The computer assigns shifts according to how the customer flow was last year on that date. So if last year you had 200 customers check out at (let's say) between 5:00 & 6:00 pm Saturday on Sept. 4th the computer decides you need 3 or 4 checkers to handle the volume because (and this is key) the computer says each checker can scan 1 customer per minute. Well we all know this is a load of crap. The computer does not take into the fact that a customer can't find there check book or the debit card is overdrawn or the customer does not have enough cash, or they just want to argue about a price. Anyway, bottom line here my walmart has a 73% turnover rate & yes the people who work there are rude as hell. maybe it's because Walmart exec's
take home millions in bonus pay while they capped the pay of all the hourly workers. It's no longer about the customer it's about the "Dollar".

FMF - I'm not sure the one item you purchased disqualifies my argument, but good job saving $19. Was the time spent in line waiting worth it? I would guess not since you spent another 15-20 minutes blogging about it. I don't wear a watch so I have no idea what they cost at either store.

I usually go to Target for personal & household items like shampoo, TP, razors, cleaning products, etc. I have found those prices to be very similar except Wal-Mart usually ends their price in a "6" to make people think it's cheaper.

Anon --


My last watch was a Wal-mart one too and lasted 15 years. This time I "splurged" and got a $41 one. I think if it lasts 15 years I'll be ok with the investment. ;-)

Kevin --

I stood in line at Target for an hour!!!

Naw, I'm just kidding ya. ;-)

I do think that Wal-mart is cheaper on average than Target, though -- and not just by a bit. But as you and others have said, there's more than just money to be considered (time, cleanliness, customer service, etc.)

Walmart is Evil... Watch "Walmart:the high cost of a low price", and then tell me you still will shop at walmart.

I still shop at Wal-Mart after seeing that movie. I do not have an issue with the Wal-Mart that I shop at. It is clean and run very well. The Sam's Club I shop at is also clean and run very well.

I'd put up with a lot to save 5-10 or 19 dollars.

I've waited in both lines for an equally long time. While Costco often has more lines, they are often piled up for miles and run extremely slow. If I just want to get one thing (like their ground beef which is a great price near me), it can take forever. They refuse to provide the express lane or the self checkout lane which I think is a problem with their system.

I'd rather not sell my soul to save a few bucks and shop at wal-mart, thank you very much.

got robbed by walmart watch your receipt they over taxed me and i caught it , dont know but the tax is 6.5 % and got taxed @ 8%

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