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September 05, 2007


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So rentals that don't allow dogs whould be discounted in price?

So rentals that don't allow dogs should be discounted in price?

Rentals that allow dogs are generally higher in price, either through greater rent to absorb the cost of animal destruction or by mandatory "pet deposits," or both.

So, rentals that don't allow dogs ARE at a discounted price.

So when a home goes on the market, does the buyer get a discount if the seller had pets in the home?

Yes, pet damage and odor severely influences the price sellers are able to get for a house. The same goes for a vehicle's trade-in value. Anything else?

Hmmm, I love my dog but it was definitely a mistake! They require tons of attention and time. I was extremely active before the dog and probably close to the same now, so that didn't change much. If anything, the dog has become a stress factor. For example, it's a big hassle when I want to travel. Thus, in my case, I think the dog is not only an expense, but maybe even slightly decreasing my health.

BTW - if you vaccuum frequently and quickly clean up after your dog makes a mistake in the house, no one would ever know you had a dog. My dog is 100+ pounds and I had him from a pup when an accident happened weekly for a while. I'll admit the house isn't as clean as before, but if I am selling I can make it look new again.

This is assuming your dog never chewed through any walls or the wooden stairs.

Min Wage - In my experience, if the pet causes no damage I've received my full deposit back. On the other hand, my dog did tear up a linoleum floor that was starting to peel and I was charged for that damage. I guess it just depends on how picky the landlord wants to be.

Beef - I agree with you on the cleaning up after pets. The last house I sold I specifically asked the buyers if they could detect any pet odor and they said they did not. We tried to vacuum once a week and shampoo carpets every month or so and that seemed to work.

With chew toys and outside access there shouldn't be any problem, but they do require quite a bit of care that can be difficult while working and traveling.

Oh, okay, that's cool. In my experience, I've seen a strong trend toward nonrefundable pet deposits, which obviously, you never get back. This could be a local or regional thing though.

If you are a dog lover, you can't put a price on the satisfaction you get from your best buddy. I like my dog more than most people I've met and, while I can't discuss the finer points of Schopenhauer's philosophy with my dog (or with my wife, for that matter), we fulfill each other's most important needs. There's a reason dogs are called man's best friend. In general, they really are.

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