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September 11, 2007


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I believe Capital One is rolling out a new rewards debit card that can be used at any bank.

Should revolutionize this industry quickly.

You mention the reason you wouldn't switch back and forth to credit cards with the best offer is because of time and effort. If you did do this, wouldn't it affect your credit score by not building up a long history or is this overated if you already have good credit?

I got rid of my debit cards because I just felt credit cards are "safer" (more likely to be reimbursed by the bank) if they get stolen and because of cash back on the cc's.....

The 11% checks are from 90% senior citizens. I know of at least one debit card that does have some good rewards, but only when you use it as a credit card (sign, not enter pin).

Agree with Drew about the 11% checks. The older folks are REALLY hesitant to change. I'm a CPA and had to practically pull teeth to get them to E-file even though it is infinitely safer and faster.

I haven't written a check since moving out of my apartment 2 years ago, and then I was only writing one for rent each month.

There is a discount supermarket here which accepts cash, checks, debit cards, and state benefit (cash welfare and food stamp) cards. They don't accept credit cards. While a large percentage of customers use cash, debit cards probably represent the largest dollar volume of purchases.

Before I moved to the city, I wrote checks all the time. Now it's all about the debit card. I still write checks out to pay bills and my rent (which goes to my roommate).

I have been typically choosing to use my debit card because a) is convenient, and b)then I don't end up buying tons of splurge items becuase I know that the money is coming straight out of my account rather than on a cc which I have the option to pay off in chunks but have interest (which, yes I know one should pay off the cc each month, but that doesn't always happen!!).

I am amazed it use to be that when I went out with friends to dinner, at the end of the night everyone pulled out their checkbooks or cash, now it's the debit card.

Credit cards make good sense if you pay them off every month AND you get a bonus. I wish I had the discipline to be sure....

I get airline miles for using my debit card and don't have to worry about whether I can pay it off each month, which makes it far preferable for me.

I've gotten into too much trouble with credit cards so I prefer using my debit card (used as credit not debit) or cash. The question I have is, "does everyone feel totally secure paying online?" Hackers are really sophisticated and seem capable of breaking through any firewall or is my thinking antiquated? I'm curious what the consensus is on this. Thanks.

BUT don't those "cash back" rewards come at the expense of others who don't pay their accounts off each month? Do you really think the CC companies are just giving money back to be nice? I for one, don't like the idea of making a buck this way --

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