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September 04, 2007


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When I was in college I never experienced to live in a boarding room or dormitory because our is just two rides away from the University that I was studying. But few of my friends encountered nightmares with their roommate and some were very lucky to have a heavenly sent roommate.

Having a roommate that you can get along pretty well is huge factor for doing good in school. Your roommate is like your family for four years or so. If you have a cool roommate, it's as if you are at home.

Too bad you're both not gay. Sounds like you guys could have been lovers, LOL (sorry, just a gay man's fantasy).


I never had a really good roommate in college. I ended up spending a lot of time away from my room, so the best ones were the ones who just didn't get in my way.

College life would have been easier if I had allowed myself to live with guy friends, instead of with girls I hardly knew.

Great point. My sister had a roommate who was a wealthy girl from Asia. She was constantly on the phone with her family and friends in her home country ... on Asian time, which is to say 4 a.m. and 11 p.m. My sister's sleep loss probably did affect her performance in school!

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