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September 06, 2007


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The only problem with this that I see is my wife finding extra things we "need" because we would be frequently shopping more to find the deals! I think for most people - the more you shop, the more you buy.....

I worked in retail for 8 years. So I can attest that stores have major clearance events in July and August. New merchandise for the holiday season starts arriving the end of August and stores need to make room in their storerooms and on the sales floor for the new stuff that will start hitting shelves as soon as back-to-school is cleared out.

Have fun shopping!

Beef --

DISCIPLINE!!!!!! ;-)

I have it, but my wife.... Okay, no excuses

I plan to make most of my gifts this year.

I try to buy all year long, especially since my family does mostly generic gifts. I also buy clothes when I see them on sale, for my young nieces and nephews. It's great becuase I get these great (and expensive) outfits for dirt cheap (usually 60-75% off). Usually, it's at the beginning of the year, but sometimes they don't have the right sizes or anything nice so I just keep my eyes open. Then the clothes hang in my closet all year until their birthdays and christmas.

I shop all year round for things like gifts and next-size clothing for my daughter. I have a bin in the basement for the clothes and an extra dresser with gifts in it. Last week our local greenhouse had a garage sale and I found a bunch of "gourmet" soups, priced at crazy prices like $8, that I bought for 25 cents each - great stocking stuffers! I have fancy decorative candles socked away from last year's post-holiday clearance sales, and sometimes I find fun gag gifts or stocking stuffers to enhance homemade presents at the thrift store, dollar store or garage sale. I only buy things that are new or like new, and it's a great way to shop. You also get to spread your holiday budget throughout the year -- often I just buy from my regular weekly budget, which makes the holidays much more affordable.

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