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September 24, 2007


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I parked my car in my house most of the time. I awarded myself the best parking lot by moving my office back to my house :)
I think that's the benefit of being self-employed.

The only parking available at my city centre office is for senior management, pool cars, and car sharers. But since we have good public transport, it isn't too much of an issue.

I am lucky enough to have to fork over 94.45 on a monthly basis to park. Kind of hurt at first but provided me with some motivation to drive up my salary over the last few years. Who am I kidding.... it still hurts.

I worked for a company that provided a certain amount toward monthly parking, but it wasn't enough to cover the entire fee. I calculated it out and it was cheaper to take the bus into downtown from where I lived, so I just used public transportation.

My company has 20 parking spots close to the building for the execs, and 8 spots for the peons that are handed out on a monthly rotating basis. We end up with "priority" parking once a year for a month. I've been lucky to have it during the winter for the past few years. I don't mind walking to my car when it's nice out.

We have priority parking for management, but since our exit gate is located way in the back of our parking lot, and our building is right next to the building, most managers park in the back anyways for an easy exit and for the free exercise. Driving through our parking lot takes longer than walking.

I thought people are supposed to delay gratifaction.

I live and work in Southern Indiana. There's plenty of free parking here. Pretty much the only paid parking is near downtown area. Everywhere else is free. I can't imagine having to pay for parking to go to work. Many of those who work in the factory come in much earlier then I so as a courtesy, I always find the further parking spaces so I can enjoy a bit of a walk before I head into the building. I hear though from those who live near the area, those who work for automotive mfg plants get to park near or far depending upon which brand of car they happen to be driving. I thought that was interesting.

In an earlier post, FMF says that both financial success and longevity depend on the skill of delaying gratifaction.

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