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September 13, 2007


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I switched to AAA from Allstate and saved hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year. I never had to use them yet, thank Goodness, so your experience is reassuring.

Ugh, pricing insurance is one of those things I seldom do (because I dread it), but thanks for the reminder. And count yourself lucky the repairs only took four days! :)

I am glad you had a good experience. Isn't the title little deceiving. What about someone esle in someother city that had/has a bad experience with AAA? Does it mean AAA is good or bad? AAA in and itself is not good or not bad.

It is the person(s) that one has to deal with, which decides ones experinece(s) as good or bad. Not the company itself.

Just My Thoughts

In agreement with RV, I work for AAA in FL, and the clubs are split up into regions. One club may be a tight run ship, one might be lax, etc.
In my experience, there is bad customer service in even a great company, and a mediocre company may deliver stellar service.

I can assure you, AAA isn't all peaches and cream. We were hit by an uninsured motorist that totaled our 9 month old car. We literally had to fight with AAA every step of the way. They wanted to stop paying for a rental car the moment they gave us a verbal settlement offer over the phone (for some reason, the local car Dealer wouldn't take a verbal agreement as payment), they took nearly 2 years to refund our deductible, and the medical settlement was abnormally low.

Given my experience with AAA, I couldn't despise the company anymore than I do.

Good experiences are good experiences (same with the bad). I like to hear about both, so as to make an informed decision. This particular insurance experience speaks well of the agents, perhaps, more than the entire company. It's a good selling point, though, this good customer service!

AAA insurance is one of the WORST Car insurance companies to deal with. I was hit by a AAA insurer and the company so far has taken 16 days to even talk to me about whether or not they will pay for the damages to my car and the rental. I have been ignored and blown off constantly with this company. Trust me the comments about not being taken care of not paying are ALL TRUE. They will procrastinate and remain apathatic the whole time until you are at your wits end and be forced to file a claim through your own insurance. And that will take years from what I am told to be reimbursed for.


God knows what they will do to their own clients.

Shawn --

Your experience is completely opposite of mine. They couldn't have taken better care of me.

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