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September 04, 2007


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There was a pretty notorious case a couple of years ago of an Irish woman who was a "medical tourist" to New York for a nose job and died under the knife. Yes, I absolutely agree it's not worth the risk for plastic surgery. I have idly wondered aloud about going to my husband's native country (a developing Asian country) for medical care, despite us having excellent socialized Canuck care, and he almost had a fit. So don't think I'll be trying it. Irish and British people travelling to eastern Europe for dentistry etc is a recurrent theme in news articles and even TV dramas, but despite all the talk of it I've never met or known through the grapevine of anyone who's done it. I'm wondering if it's an urban myth!

Plastic Surgery from a place like Mexico seems a little too sketchy to me. I'm sure they have some very capable surgeons done there, I just don't think it's worth the risk of ending up with one that's not quite up to par. I don't think I would ever consider it.

I've heard of people going to Costa Rica for cosmetic surgery for many years. This medical tourism thing is not really all that's just been increasing at an ever faster rate.

Funny. Even here in the US we have hack doctors. If I needed surgery I would go out of the country to have it done. Save a boat load of money but you need to do lots of research and refferals.

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