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September 08, 2007


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Question: If someone owes YOU money, would you want them to tithe first or repay you first?

Ditto, Minimum Wage. If someone owes me money and are late in repaying it, I'd be very angry if they consider giving to charity higher priority than repaying me. If they prefer giving to charity while paying 20% to credit card - it is their business. But any required payments are hurting their creditors. People have no right to hurt others because they consider that someone's else need is higher.

BTW - I do my own taxes. I've itemized forever (high NY State taxes make it worthwhile even with paid mortgage), and no, I don't believe I am missing deductions. I use TurboTax and it takes you through all of those anyway. If I had a business, maybe I'd hire a CPA. But there are really not that many deductions for those of us who are employed. Even before I started using TurboTax just reading the instructions carefully and consulting relevant publication is more than enough. I did it myself even when I was renting out my condo and when I sold it. I had to spend time reading necessary publications about rentals and sales of rental properties. And I learned all about renting out and what I can deduct, etc. In complex cases it takes a bit of work, but in simple cases (employed, salary, no additional income except for maybe capital gains), it is quite easy. I think CPAs are over-rated. A friend of mine didn't have a good one, and he made a mess of things. Now she is using TurboTax.

MW -- No one would owe me money. I either GIVE people money or not lend at all.

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